Tuesday, October 30, 2007

getting jiggy with halloween

Eva was an expert goop extractor.

Addie thought it felt gross.
Eva thinks leaves taste delicious.

Yep a bunny and an angel. (awwwwww how sweet) there I said it for you :)

Halloween in Dayton is not normal. People decorate for halloween more than they do Christmas. They create seriously morbid porch displays. Our neighbor pulls out the megaphone for 2 hours and makes ghost noises constantly on trick or treat night. Danny's comment tonight was " The thing I hate about halloween is all the alcohol." I was like "Alcohol?"

He said "Yeah I smelled alcohol on a bunch of people while we were out."

I said "Okay ANY HOLIDAY in Dayton, and probably most places in the world revolve around alcohol. Why not halloween too? Heck why not just pour the kids a shot of whiskey instead of a reese cup?"

It is true though that alcohol is front and center in any holiday in dayton.

July 4th..lets stagger around with a brown paper bag with a bottle in it and scare people until they call the police.

halloween..Let's drink beer and then smash the bottles on the sidewalk.

Thanksgiving... Lets drink because we are annoyed we have to see our relatives ect.

St Pattys..Green beer:NO COMMENT.

Tonight we honored whatever halloween is about by making our customary trick or treat candy rounds. Addie was really excited. The problem was the freaky decor started troubling her and she refused to go up to certain doors. There are also very few kids in our neighborhood so we always come back with LOADS of candy because they give her like 10 pieces at every single house.

We got home and sorted all the candy and threw away anything that might pull out any expensive Dental metals (forget the ones in the suspicious packaging that looks like someone injected a drug into it) and threw away those Chic peanut butter whatever the heck they are.

Then we let Eva swim in the candy on a blanket and that was funny. Then she tried to eat the candy in the plastic. So I end another October.

I would tell you all about all the other stuff that's going on but it's too much and anyone who reads this probably already knows :) Love YA