Wednesday, October 29, 2008

if YoU hOpe fOR cHanGE VOTE

I'm doing my republican duty of entering in as many names and phone #s as I can into my computer so the republican girls who asked me to do data entry don't kill me.
ahem I mean for my own patriotic desires.

I think the intention is they will call all these people and tell them to vote Mccain.
Which I think is a good thing to do so I need to get my fingers going.

I also bragged to them about how fast I type and now I have nothing to show for it and 2000 names are due tODAY.

the problem: Eva wants to sit on my lap and pound the keyboard everytime I type or she wants to nurse like a newborn because she knows she's got me trapped.

as I say to addie...RUH ROH. (think scooby doo)

On the other hand I want to complain about Obama.
1. Bama scares me
2. Bama's middle name is hussein. that's not right.
3. I seriously honestly truthfully think he is a puppet and someone is moving his mouth and talking in another room.
4. When he talks I honestly don't believe his mouth matches up with the words that come out.
5. Doesn't that bother you?
6. He's probably the anti christ.
7. he's FOR universal preschool and I haven't sent my kids to preschool nor do I plan to thank you very much
8. When he says a word that should have an open mouth sound his mouth is closed.

and those are the most important reasons.

all the other things I'm for...babies not being left to die after attempted abortions, lower taxes for EVERYONE not just the po folks, less government spending, less government regulation, fewer government handouts, more individual responsibility those are just the side my sister Katrina said......

a mouse can get free cheese but it'll get snapped

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

sunday evening

throwing stones and yelling "this ones for LENA..this ones for Oliver" ect.

Eva has serious rock throwing skills

Addie learned how to pump
Eva kept staring at the boy swinging next to us
sheer happiness before the ....................................
horrible fall backwards off the edge
Danny's flexing for the camera :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

lost baby pics

Postpartum brain mush made me lose Eva's first picture cd we made.....
Then I lost a check and while searching for it I found Eva's cd of pictures
I can't believe it's only been a year and a half
and this is Eva now

Ear pierced

this was written by Adelaide transcribed by mua of course: (she got her ears pierced the day before yesterday on a whim at the mall)

"When I got my ears pierced it was so exciting. At the end I kind of jumped. It pinched a little. I like how pretty my earrings are.
I hope I can get new earrings soon. My favorite ones are my animal ones.
I like getting my ears pierced. I hope my sister Eva can do it too. I loved the sparkly floor at the ear piercing store.
I LOVED my mommy and Eva watching me. I think Eva might want to do it when she's 5. I liked the place and how pretty it was. I loved looking at all the beautiful stuff. I thought my pink earrings matched my pony shirt I wore yesterday. THE END"

Monday, October 13, 2008



OCTOBER 12th (Yesterday) DANNY is 32 and my baby brother Nathan is 17

OCTOBER 13th (today) Natalie is 20 and Aaron is 27.

We are libra dominated in this here fam. and my brother has had his identity stolen, Danny stole his birthday and Nathan Terry stole his name.

Turning 28 was monumental and I feel like a totally new person.

I am going to make a goal every day to honestly seriously, without sarcasm....
1.roll in the grass
2. sniff a flower
3. dance like nobodys watching
4. sing like nobodys listening
5. do the tango while holding a rose in my mouth
6. embrace every single person I meet
7. laugh like someone is tickling my armpits

all of these... AT least once a day. That's my goal.

Monday, October 6, 2008


I wanted to say to my sister Stephanie HAPPY BIRTHDAY on OCT 3!!! She is 26 and for one week we are only 1 year apart. Every night before bed Addie wants me to tell her a story about me when I was little. I told her about how You and I used to playtogether all the time growing up. You were my closest in age sister and we totally were like best friends growing up. We would rescue puppies from under the deck together, throw tadpoles, catch worms and frogs that you would always hold (I was too big of a wimp). I remember you biting me to the blood on my shoulder and mom bit you back! We would give our barbies butch hair cuts and play prom with them. I would leave you out when I had friends over and I always felt a little guilty. I remember how concerned I was in Jr. High about what my friends thought and being only friends with the socially acceptable people, while you would wear sweater vests with hearts sewn on them, and big glasses, and be friends with anyone in any grade. Including the people that drove everyone else nuts. I love you for how innocent and totally friendly you were to anyone.
In high school we were best friends again and I loved having someone who could understand me completely. Ben Merrill came over the other day and reminded me that the side of our car said, when he met me, "You don't have to live like a refugee" It made me laugh so hard.
Now we are both chasing little crazy tots all day and sympathisizing with eachother. Anyways, I know we'll be friends until we are old great grandmas laughing about whatever crazy thing we can dream up. I love you! Happy 26th birthday!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

ADDIE'S 5!!!!!

Addie's birthday was last week. She of course, wanted the requisite "princess party". It was her first friends party and we invited 3 little girlfriends over and they played games, ate candy until I was worried they would throwup, and did the balloon wish send off. That got a little stressful because some of the kids didn't want to make a wish and send off their balloon into the sky which was no big deal. Addie was determined though, to send every balloon into Heaven. She was like..."Excuse me can I please hold your balloon?"

other little girl..."Umm okay!"

Addie then promptly released the balloon to the sky with her friend looking irate.

She woke up the morning of her birthday and yelled "I"M 5!!!!"

On another note, I made my first REAL BOWL and CUP on the wheel last night. It was fun. The class is full of older ladies and one very silent older guy who is really good, and one youngish guy who kept talking about how much he loves bacon and flirting with all the 65 year old ladies. I really enjoy it but it does really dry out your hands. Now about getting a wheel at my house...hmmm.