Tuesday, August 17, 2010

day in the life

woke up
watched Eva sleep. She looked kinda dead. I put my hand over her mouth to try to feel the air coming in and out. She was alive.
Harvey woke up doing his normal leg lifts. I don't know why right when he wakes up his legs go straight in the air but that's what he does and it's pretty cute. Danny and I watched him bench press a toothbrush.
Addie woke up and made us raspberry muffins from a mix. House appraisor knocks on the door just as Eva pours half the gallon of milk on the counter.
Soak it up with a towel as I tell him to show himself around.
pick up toys.
Wait for my piano student.
Keep waiting.
Teach piano and realize she doesn't know any of the note names. whoops.
Drive to the farm (carriage hill). question my choice of ponytails...I feel like a 3rd grader.
Walk around the farm. Meet a very sweet lady and daughter working at the farm. She shows us how to make a quilt on one of those old foot action sewing machines.
Play a quilt game. Basically you take a quilt and make up a story about where each little piece came from..like "this is a piece from the dress you wore when you were a brand new baby..and when I smell it it still reminds me of you when you were born"
Chase the chickens.
Buy candy and commisserate with the candy store lady about the sorry state we're all in with how undisciplined children are and how you can't even yell at neighbor kids in your own yard or their parents will sue you.
Sit outside and realize Harvey has just blown out a weeks stash worth of poo. I had no wipes. Went into the public bathroom and realized the mess extended to under his armpits and even up to his hair. it was intense. Clean him up in the sink and dry him under the hair dryer.
Throw his clothes in the stroller and carry him naked in the sling. I luckily did have a diaper.

its funny it takes two days for me to post about a day in my life
left the farm with cleaned baby.
drove to goodwill outlet and met mom. Saw a man that looked like crocodile dundee dude...
was given a small flashlight lovingly from a homeless looking man rooting through the bins.
Drove home
found Danny playing frisbee golf in the park.
we all ate leftover noodles and chili.
ate my sister Steph's homemade apple pie.
boxed up ebay stuff to mail.
3 in bed.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

went to the circus when it was like 100 degrees out. the kids had a good time and we got to sit in the very front row.
harvey was only a little amused. I kept pouring water on his head too
mom was about to die of a heatstroke or shoot someone...I don't know which one first but she still let her little graddaughters crowd her and sit on her lap. good grandma.
and so we are whiling away our summer..... loosing front teeth, watching scary clowns, swimming, and stealing vegetables from neighbors gardens. I didn't do any such thing (gardening) this year.....but I miss having big tomatoes and zucchini and squash. And corn. It's all I want to eat. Rachel I need some of yours!
Addie's lost her first front tooth and she looks extra special without. I think I'm just going to secretely knock out her adult tooth when it grows in so she eternally has a gap in her mouth. But then she'd probably just look all billy bob without a front tooth. It would quit being cute when she's 20 something.