Sunday, June 26, 2011

I told the witch doctor I was in love with you

.here's my baby and my nephew, Malachi...summer is in full bloom round here.
hanging outside with cousins is on the daily to do list
learning to walk at the ripe old age of 14 months.....he's so dreamy.....
answering the families request to make donuts...These ones turned out awesome and I made them from scratch so I was prideful about it.....but we downed about 2 dozen in a day or two so that's definately not something we will do weekly or we will end up being as round as donuts.

Friday, June 10, 2011

nighttime ramblings

(the day I threw out piggie, Addie's pig hand puppet from when she was a baby....I bawled)
up because I woke up to a warm shower. Yes a certain 4 year old woke up, crawled on me in bed, and proceeded to pee on me. She continued to sleep through that event and I said "Hey Eva wake up you just peed. " She woke up and laid down on the couch in our room and fell asleep again. pee and dreams. Awwww sleepy. So far a good summer is happening. The kids are loving their new trampoline, and we have a cheap odd lots pool arranged for summer jumping/splashing fun. I said I was going to work with Addie and Eva all summer on academic type subjects but that's going quickly out the window. We are all too lazy for anything structured. Maybe in a couple of weeks. My head hurts! I'm tired. Lately I've felt slightly ambitionless......happy just to go through life and ride the wave as I tell Rachel. Just ride the wave. But maybe I should be plotting some great thing for me to accomplish. I think mothering is taking all my umph out of me and I just have kind of a zzzzz happy feeling. Kind feels like a dose of novacaine has been injected through my whole body and whenever I think about some goal I'm like...maybe in ten years. Danny is such a sweet husband. Telling me I'm doing awesome and great, look at our kids, they are happy and healthy and learning. 11 years ago (last month) I met a short curly headed guy I couldn't completely distinguish from 2 other shortish dark haired guys at church. I just knew he was the cute one with a bald roommate. I love that guy.....sigh. Goodnight blog.