Saturday, June 9, 2012


we call eva cookie because she has chocolatey eyes and she's brownish in color so she is our cookie.   
harvey is a cookie man himself
Actually he just fell asleep and he literally smiled in his sleep and said the word "Cookie"  But who doesn't love cookies.  Actually I'd like to meet someone who doesn't love cookies and I would slap their face.  Or force feed them cookies.  Maybe they just have never had a good cookie.  I've never met a cookie I don't like.   Well I take that back....some cookies, given enough nuts, are more of a granola bar and I steer away from those.  
So, summer has struck round these parts.  We have been making family memories and you better not forget it kids.  I tell my guys have a great life and a wonderful childhood....I think I tell them that so maybe when they are older they are less likely to go to a therapist and complain about their childhood.  We have been fishin and swimming, and playing with loads of cousins, and playing with poor homeless animals at the animal shelter, and going to the farm and the park and riding bikes.  You name it it's happening and it's good.  Although I'm wore out.  It takes alot of food to feed 3 growing kids with extra cousins over.  I feel like a 50's housewife somedays where I go from scrubbing out a huge pot to making another meal to rotating laundry to making more food.  I need to invent a mom feeding trough where you just throw food in a trough and the kids line up and eat it whenever they are hungry. we need a cookie trough.  We wouldn't become obese that way now would we?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

going old school like an old fool

( fun with harvey often involves violence)
yo dawgs.  I've been blogging old school as in writing in my journal.  I have a journal that I've kept for about  eight years and I'm still not through it so I am thinking I should focus on that.  I also am doing a gratitude journal where I write 3 things I'm thankful for every night.  They can be anything from totally amazing to the everyday stuff like, Harvey's butt.  I am grateful for Harveys butt.  It is so cute.  It gives me great joy.  So that has been on my gratitude list.  Also Addie's 2 front teeth, Eva's brown chocolatey eyes, and Danny's muscles.  So I just repeat those things often, interspersed by other less deep thoughts.  Sometimes I'm so deep I could just dive down into my thoughts and get lost and never get out.  hahahahaha.  Just kidding.  I usually am thinking about food or spacing out!  I wish I didn't space out so much.   danny told me some research on how when women have a baby they actually get a bigger brain.  that made me happy because I always assumed the longer you nurse the more brain food the baby is taking and the more shrivled and nutrient deprived my brain is getting until I'm just sitting in a corner rocking and sucking on my thumb or picking boogers.  So, even though it looks like I'm not listening, and it looks like I don't have a clue, don't worry.  My brain is WAY bigger than yours and it probably is just busy connecting new neurons and firing away at warp speed.  
btw people My little baby sister (shes not really a baby she's 23)  had her first BABY GIRL!!!!!  I'm sure she is precious even though I've only seen like 4 pictures and 3 of them were on my phone and my phone is from the dark ages and pictures look like they are polaroids with scratches all over them.  But as far as I can tell on the one picture on facebook she is a total doll and my ovaries are hurting every time I see that picture.  Which has been often, like every time I get online I just stare at the baby with my mouth hanging open and a big string of drool going down to the keyboard.  Her name is Helene Eleanor!  isn't that the cutest ??? Anyways, Love ya'lls!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

my birthday bubbies

 ya I know I stink at on to more important matters Eva turned 5.  and if you can figure out what she's hugging down there that is her mermaid pinata I made her.  I love that cookie john.  
 and after Eva had a birthday Harvey had a birthday April 4th and turned two.  he came up with that combo himself, the skeleton shirt with backwards hat.  he  is either dressed in a long t shirt with bracelets on his wrists or as a a thug.
 my baby boyboy is two. waaaaaahh. commence crying and sobbing about how time has flown and he has grown up way too fast.  but he's still a baby ya know?  he's actually nursing right now as I type this and he smells pretty ripe so if he is still nursing and im changing his diapers he is totally still my baby.
 this spring has been really warm and we've had lots of fun outside, we are trying to hatch 3 eggs upstairs, we plowed up a big square for a garden, I have flower seeds in the ground, and I've been running outside for about 2 months. (I ran 4 miles straight~~~) Its been blissful.  I love my addie...I especially love her big adult teeth.  they are so cute.
 I'm gonna be an aunt x 9!!!!  that is my baby sister Nat who is going to pop out a baby in ONE month.  I'm so excited for her.  i wish I could be there, but I don't think I can get to Utah.  sigh.
 okay those eyes melt my heart.  I love my bubbies, I love my hubby, i feel happy, healthy and my kids are doing good, and Danny is getting bigger muscles (hahahha) and I have very few complaints.  hmmm. let me come up with one......just to make ya'll feel like I'm not perfect with a perfect life.  oooh. cloth diapers.  Try washing 2 year old poopy cloth diapers.  FUN!!!  bye blogosphere!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

loads of pictures

 Malachi turned 2 and we had a party at Katrinas.  Those boys are getting big.
 February is the longest month of the year officially.  After a round of strep throat, and colds, and flus and sinus issues.....spring can't come fast enough.  Even though this winter has been weirdly warm....totally anticipating a zombie apocolypse.  But fear not, I just bought my wheat grinder...WONDERMILL Jr. Even makes peanut butter.  And it makes cereal and cracks wheat.  But you have to hand crank it but I figure that will keep me totally fit.
 Nothing like new swimsuits in the middle of winter.  Addie is now a minnow!  Congratulations :)
 Our one day of snow you know how it is.  The kids woke up looked out the window...screamed "It snowed!"  Got totally bundled up which involved taping on their gloves with duct tape and two layers of socks then went outside for 10 minutes and came in and threw all the snowy clothes in the family room.  Hooray for winter
 Harvey looking up at me trying to figure out how he can wrestle the camera out of my hands.  That boy loves technology.
 Elsie my cute niece at a birthday party
 my sweet little nephew henry age 10 months with my cute sis.  steph.  He is a total little elf. That girl makes some cute baby boys.
 Her necklace I liked.  And her mole.  (steph you really should get that checked out) hahahah.
The one snow day again.   He's a heartbreaker in his snowpants and sock hat.  I'm sure we will live to see March but pray for Addie's health.  She has been catching everything on earth.  I've been eating like crazy out of nervous energy and probably gained back my 5 pounds I lost running. 

Monday, January 30, 2012

my add has a name

I'm a scanner.   I read a book about scanners.  Not the computer kind.  The human kind.  A scanner is a kind of person who likes too many things to pick just one.  They have a really hard time picking a major in college.  I started as music, switched to Art, got accepted into two Art programs, switched to architecture, quit that after a day considered English.   Ended up dropping out of college after a 2 year degree and haven't gone back.  (except to take piano lessons and join a performance class) Worked for the IRS for 5 years, taught piano for 8-10, and besides that have had three kids.  I taught myself to knit and crochet.  Danny taught me how to thread a sewing machine and I learned to sew.  I learned how to use a pottery wheel but never continued with it.  I like to paint but only do it on occasion and most of them involve sitting at the kitchen table modeling how to paint a rainbow with fluffy white clouds, green grass, and possibly a family of kittens or puppies.  I produce art for 2 demanding art critics ages 8 and 4 with a relentless need for rainbows and hearts and flowers. 
So if you are a scanner this is what you should do, ahem, as the title of the books says "REFUSE TO CHOOSE"  So I can free myself from the external pressure I imagine on myself to make something of my life and just enjoy all the random hobbies and interests I've had.  One idea they say is make a huge list of everything you want to DO....because scanners are DOers not see'ers.  I totally relate to that because I've never felt that excited to "see" something but the thought of producing something makes me a little here are some things I want to do....
crochet flower headbands
sew more dresses for my girls
sew harvey bowties with matching vests
learn to knit socks
make animal hats for the kids
sell some crafts on etsy
make more cloth diapers and sell them
get ceritified to be a doula (and if I like that persue becoming a midwife or nurse midwife)
teach Eva to read
read books to ALL 3 of my kids
keep running 
print off family pictures
paint something cool for the kids rooms
read more about investing
buy real estate
become warren buffett
buy a new chair 
line the backs of my bookcases with scrapbook paper
make felt animals 
make a recycled wool sweater wreath
make polymer clay stuff
crochet more birds in eggs

I know I can't do it all at once but that's a good reference list.  and if you too feel like you have attention deficit disorder you could be like me........ a total pathetic loser.  hahahha.  no you too could just be a scanner and it is totally acceptable for you to never be able to finish a project or focus that well because it's HOW your BRAIN WORKS!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

because what else is there to do in january?

so after being a bit of a tomboyish kid (think every christmas I wanted sports equipment, like a basketball one year, ice skates (not really tomboyish but still sporty, a tennis racket with a ball that I would bounce the ball on endlessly, a remote control car another year...)   I used to play basketball with the old men of my ward after youth on wednesday nights at age 12-13 and I loved it.  I was already my full 5 foot 6 and I felt huge and strong and would shoot 3's as well as a 12 year old girl can.  Adolesence hit and I don't know what it was....I think it might have been related to the fact that I have always been "well endowed" and I got kind of freaked out of running or moving too fast in public.   Besides the normal mockery of junior high and people telling me I ran weird I became less sporty and  through highschool I never really played sports. Then young adulthood  (and by the way....Danny proposed to me by putting my engagement ring in a tennis ball while we were playing) hahah.  and then 3 babies and my version of excercise was pushing a double stroller through the neighborhood.  It is quite a workout.  So in my heart I've always felt like I have something athletic in me  and now drum roll please...................................... I'm learning to run!  And I'm going to run a 5k in the spring!!!!!!!  I know that sounds pathetic to all you athletic running people, but seriously, I've NEVER run.  So I'm starting slow.  I'm on week 4 of the couch to 5k program.    It's pretty awesome because I actually am running and I'm not feeling like I'm going to die or pass out or anything.  the bonus is 5 pounds are history!  Also you only have to run like 3-4 times a week which is good if its hard to find time to excercise.  So now I just have to pick my first race and my goal is just to finish it.  In less than an hour.  A half hour would be awesome.  
and here's a link.  So if you are like me (grab a good sports bra) and start it TODAY

Sunday, January 8, 2012

virtual vitamin d

 we went to florida in december and it was soooo nice.  I'm totally moving down there every winter as soon as I can.  Snow is good but sunshine and sand beat it any day in my book.  Although we haven't had snow much either in ohio........
we stayed in new smryna beach and it was quiet  but close to everything.
Harveys "butt butt" That's what he calls it. 
I'm trying to figure out my camera.....I just have a oldish sony cybershot.  I blurred the background a little on that one.  That's what I was going for. 
After the initial freak outs about jelly fish...I think we overwarned them not to step on jelly fish.  They thought every piece of plastic on the beach was a jellyfish and they were like screaming non stop the first day or two. salt water reminded everyone of salty popcorn and the salty air made everyone feel healthy.  I think it cleared out my head.   I am so an old person in my heart.
the foot shot.  I have weird toes and they're hairy.  but check out our pool.