Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm feeling better...besides the fact that Eva decided sleep is for the birds...she wakes up every morning (if you can call it morning) at 3-4 a.m. and is pretty much up for the day. Requesting food and drink, and running the halls, with chilly behind her. And Chilly's nails are so long they sound like someone typing on the wood floor.
I hate trimming dog nails! They are so thick and creepy....I don't think we've cut her nails in like a year. But they look okay. I think she bites them or something.
I have babies SO on the brain! I'm so excited for Katrina to have her baby boy...because I feel like it's a precursor to my baby being born. I'm just baby crazed right now. I've knit him 3 hats, I want to make him some swaddling blankies, and I got an itch make these cute onesies that have a piece of material cut into a tie that you sew on. I saw them on etsy and I was so there.
I've read 2 of my natural childbirth books...and I'm just EXCITED!
Now I just need someone to sew my car seat a new cover (RACHEL!!!!) and we are ready to go.
I just have like 2 months left....I'm all signed up to go to the natural birthing center of our hospital. It's pretty's like the only one like it in the whole state. No I.V.'s or monitoring....or drugs.
It's where Eva was born and all those memories.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I'm sick

I've had to be humbled because I've become vitamin crazed person lately.

I totally thought I had sickness beat. I read some alternative health books, and listen to the health guru (who tried to rip off my sister but I digress) and I've been healthy (well besides pregnancy induced nauseau) for many a month now.

So I take about 3-4 grams of Vit C. every day
about 4000 iu of Vitamin D.
I've been taking echinecea and also my prenatal.

But still with all my healthy pill popping the dark cloud of winter sinuses has descended on me. And I feel very LOUSY today and have all week. Oh and not to mention I even poured hydrogen peroxide in my ears because it's supposed to kill viruses.

It feels weird but it actually is kind of addictive in a way.

So now I'm going to try Katrina's magical sinus rinse and
put hot compresses on my face.

Monday, January 18, 2010

something else strange

we went to the newport aquarium with a friend and her two little boys. It was our first time so I was glad to have someone be our driver since I wasn't sure how to get there. It was a pretty cool place, it had ALOT of sharks, and shark rays, and you could even TOUCH the sharks which the kids loved.

There was even a huge scale you sat in that would tell you what kind of shark you weighed the same as. So I sat in it...ignorant me, to see what kind of shark I weighed the same as. Little did I know it also broadcasts your actual weight in NUMBERS above the scale on like a scoreboard thingy. So I sat in my large ignorant bliss while people walked by soaking in my own personal weight....which by the way I won't tell to anyone....right now. Except maybe Danny. Because I wanted to tell him I weigh more than he does.

There are also alligators, and loads of fish...with a tunnel of fish you walk through....
instead of taking my new camera I had the kids bring the old camera. I told Kelly (the girl I was with) this old camera stinks but I know if I bring my new one something will happen to it.

So then, we went into the jellyfish room, which was my favorite room, and Eva took the camera to take some pictures and I turned around for a minute and she set it down on the bench she was sitting on. I walked around for a minute and then went back to get the camera and it was totally gone. Someone stole our old camera! So we asked around and it was officially gone.

so the old camera will have to rest in eternal peace with some lucky criminal who will be able to take cruddy 5 megapixel pictures, with a scratched up viewfinder, and a flash that is crazy bright. ENJOY!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I smell smoke

My mom and I have a mutual hobby of thrift store shopping. We meet up, scour out all the sweet stuff, and always leave feeling satisfied with whatever loot we're carrying out.

Now the goodwill has a bad habit of overpricing stuff, so I've discovered the goodwill outlet.

This is the thrift store for all the people who are too cheap for even the goodwill.

Everything is in huge dirty bins, the smell is one that can't be replicated,(not a good thing) there are people that set up camp there all day and eyeball anyone invading their space. The girls call it the "crazy store" because you hear glass breaking the whole time. But we always find some treasure to take home and it's all sold by the pound so you can get stuff really really cheap.

Our thrift finds haven't always come to a good yesterday.

At the goodwill my mom had spotted an older (not sure how old) stainless steal four slice toaster. For 1.99!

So it was a done deal. I threw out my old grimy toaster we got 10 years ago and I plugged in my shiny new beauty. Then yesterday as I was toasting the morning toast....well..I got distracted. I started reading something, then I was watering the plants, then I was staring aimlessly out the window...when I looked around me and the whole room was filled up with smoke. Addie and Eva came running in saying..."Something stinks!" I started staring at the ceiling, not sure where the source of the smoke was coming from, then I ran into the laundry room thinking the furnace blew up or something, the whole house was getting smokey. I still couldn't figure out where the smoke was coming then I started staring down the garbage disposable....Makes perfect sense...the garbage disposal is on the mean time I throw all the windows open and I turn around and see the toaster ON FIRE!
I grab an oven mitt, and throw two flaming pieces of toast out the window into a heap of smoking snow.
But joyfully I was able to save the toaster. I cleaned it up and it's now toasting fine again.
So all is well that ends well!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

and I haven't left the house in at least 3 days.
I'm hibernating.
But today I will leave the house because
we have overdue items at the library and I need a good book to read
and I have to take Addie to girlscouts and its our turn for the snack.
my goal: do not leave the house until February
But if I must I must.

New thought: I love being able to stay home with the youngsters.
Sometimes I think back to the early days of being home when Addie was a newborn.
The days stretched so so so long and I never felt like I was doing anything except
sleeping, and feeding a baby.
I had my whole day mapped out by what horrible daytime TV show was on.
I don't know when all that changed.
But I really love it now...and can't thing of anything I'd be more happy doing in the world....
I always feel like it's a fleeting moment with them...and if I don't have it in my mind no one will.
I truly don't know if anyone else will remember what Eva looked like with fuzzy warble hair flying in the wind, dancing in circles to music. Or the sound of their chirping high voices as they play pretend together.
Or them crowding on my lap for me to read them a story which Addie doesn't want me to read because she already knows how to read and Eva wants to turn the pages before I'm done.
It all makes me very happy and anyways....being with my girls will get me through this big, fat pregnant winter I'm sure.