Tuesday, June 23, 2009

viruses and ect.

our computer has been virused by something. It's a big pain because it keeps opening up stuff I don't want opened..and shutting down,,,and the kids want to watch tv on it and they can't because it always has obnoxious pop ups.

and now Addie also has a virus but a real one that is making her feel horrible. Poor girl!

we have watched Enchanted every SINGLE DAY since the start of June. At first I thought it was cute and a little funny. Then I thought it was actually very good acting....NOW I stare at that movie as if it holds the secrets to the universe....when I hear the daily...."HOW DO I KNOOOOOW IF HE LOVES ME?" I ask myself that question. Then I get my answer...he will sing a song with words meant just for me...YES THATs HOW I WILL KNOW!!!!

It is a marvel that movie....and for some reason Addie and Eva are convinced the guy she ends up with is really her dad. I'm like..."Well they're in love right?" NO ITS HER DAD!!! Well.....then why doesn't she go off and marry the prince? BECAUSE SHE WANTS TO BE WITH HER DAD!
which is actually quite sweet that they think the whole movie is about her dad and her finding eachother..and a little confusing. I think I need to hide that dvd.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Addie had her last day of her first year of homeschooling.. IT wasn't really a whole year but she finished all of kindergarten in 4 months. My thoughts and feelings about it so far are these.....
I'm still figuring out the balance of structure and non structure. Like I want to have a bit of a schedule so we're not just sitting in our pajamas watching t.v. all day and at the same time not so many activities that it's stressful and overwhelming.

I haven't totally embraced the "unschooling" mentality...even though I do agree with many of the ideas....I just feel like I'm falling somewhere between "unschooling" and a structured school day.
We are using Ohio virtual academy which gives us LOTS of lessons, ideas, and the whole structure...so I've kind of been spending times on the things that she is interested in and seeming to need right now, and spending less time on things I don't think matter as much...like who invented peanut butter....
and if you know that then hooray.

Once danny got chewed out by a kindergarten teacher in Dayton public schools because supposedly no one knows who invented peanut butter...he was like..."Hey I love peanut butter!" and she was like..."his name is GEORGE WASHINGTON CARVER and he went to blah blah blah college and he invented blah blah balh"

I'm sure he was a wonderful man......I think he invented marshmellow cream too.... anyways......I feel like this is definately the right thing for us and it has been cool following through on what I was feeling inspired to do.....

I've been playing piano (chopin and brahms are making me happy right now) and we've been outside alot and spending time with family and danny's almost done with the cabinets and we are ready to have a looooooonnnnggg summer