Wednesday, March 26, 2008

creepy easter bunnies

I think Easter is a lovely holiday-you have the colored eggs, the marshmellow peeps, the easter dresses. It's all just splendid. ALTHOUGH
LAST Easter I was so horribly sick I thought I was going to die.
This Easter was looking good, no one was obviously sick. Addie was psyched for the bunny. We had daily drawn out conversations about the bunny.
Addie "Does the bunny have a key to our house?"
Me "No...well maybe. I don't know."
Addie "HE DOES HAVE A KEY!! HE DOES! And he's big like a giant like you."
Addie, thinking for a minute..."MOM I don't want to see the bunny."
Me "Well then sleep in really really late and you won't see the bunny."
Addie is an extremely early riser and I was hoping that might keep her in bed another hour or so.
So we continued our Easter preparations, dying eggs with very cheap cruddy Target dye that didn't work at all. The only color that worked was the blue, and EVa grabbed it and threw it and Addie kept yelling...."EVA TIE DYED THE FLOOR!!" I was literally covored in blue dye for a day, and as bad as the dye worked on the eggs, I could not scrub it off my toes for the life of me. I ended up having blue fungus looking toenails for Easter.
Easter day was very fun with the fam. at my sisters house.
Anyways here's to scary rabbits!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Green cookies and marshmallows

I don't know if that's how you spell marshmellows so I apologize.
Anyways, in honor of St. Patty's day we made some green sugar cookies with green icing. I found the recipe online and it made some seriously good, perfectly soft sugar cookies.
I am SOO ready for Spring. Since we can't go outside I keep making stuff, like Sunday I made banana bread and peanut butter no bakes.
Yesterday the green sugar cookies. The sad part is my family doesn't eat food. I swear days go by when no one eats anything except me. So I know I'm going to end up eating enough for 5 people and add to my obesity.
I got tricked by Addie into buying a bag of marshmellows because she said we could skip the oreos if we got the marshmellows. I was cool with that because the oreos were 2 dollars more.
SO we got home and she kept asking for the marshmellows every five minutes.
the conversation follows:
"mom i want marshmellows"
me: "No you need to eat real food"
"But I really want marshmellows"
me:"Well sorry you have to eat real food first"
Addie: "Well can I have marshmellows after I eat real food"
me: "Um Sure."
Addie: "I want sausage"
Me: "Okay fine."
so she proceeds to eat 2 sausage links which was kind of nauseating at like 2 o clock in the afternoon.
Addie "Now do I get marshmellows?"
me: "Yes fine. Eat the marshmellows."
This convinced me of my childrens eating issues and well it just made me slightly disgusted with myself. I feel like so many parents have the whole eating thing down. Their children eat like perfect portions of vegetables, only eat at snack times and actually eat normal dinners every night. My children get the occasional pea or broccoli but I am so bad at the schedule thing. I'm trying really I am!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


My dream last night was funny/weird. Danny and I were sitting on a hill overlooking a really big courthouse and it was Valentines day. For some reason I was like so happy because this was so romantic, sitting and staring at this courthouse. Besides the fact that next to the courthouse was a huge wrecking ball truck. So we sit, holding hands and Danny brings out this huge beautifully wrapped gift. (no offense Danny but that is not reality...usually he has Addie help him wrap the gift and it's ...well...lets just say it's a "special" wrapping job). Anyways, he's like, "Don't open the gift now. WAIT!" So I sit there and wait. And then there is like this weird psychadelic sunset behind the courthouse. Right at that moment he tells me to open the gift. So I open this amazing gift with a humongous bow on top, and inside it is
TWO size LARGE mens T shirts. One is Yellow and one is Green.
He starts smiling and he puts on the green one. Then he tells me the yellow one is for me. I like get SOOOOO mad I start screaming at him. "DO YOU THINK I'M THAT FAT!! THAT IS THE WORST GIFT EVER!!" and I start crying.
Then I wake up, with the image of the weird wrecking ball-courthouse-tshirts in my brain.
WHAT does it mean?