Saturday, June 9, 2012


we call eva cookie because she has chocolatey eyes and she's brownish in color so she is our cookie.   
harvey is a cookie man himself
Actually he just fell asleep and he literally smiled in his sleep and said the word "Cookie"  But who doesn't love cookies.  Actually I'd like to meet someone who doesn't love cookies and I would slap their face.  Or force feed them cookies.  Maybe they just have never had a good cookie.  I've never met a cookie I don't like.   Well I take that back....some cookies, given enough nuts, are more of a granola bar and I steer away from those.  
So, summer has struck round these parts.  We have been making family memories and you better not forget it kids.  I tell my guys have a great life and a wonderful childhood....I think I tell them that so maybe when they are older they are less likely to go to a therapist and complain about their childhood.  We have been fishin and swimming, and playing with loads of cousins, and playing with poor homeless animals at the animal shelter, and going to the farm and the park and riding bikes.  You name it it's happening and it's good.  Although I'm wore out.  It takes alot of food to feed 3 growing kids with extra cousins over.  I feel like a 50's housewife somedays where I go from scrubbing out a huge pot to making another meal to rotating laundry to making more food.  I need to invent a mom feeding trough where you just throw food in a trough and the kids line up and eat it whenever they are hungry. we need a cookie trough.  We wouldn't become obese that way now would we?