Thursday, May 17, 2012

going old school like an old fool

( fun with harvey often involves violence)
yo dawgs.  I've been blogging old school as in writing in my journal.  I have a journal that I've kept for about  eight years and I'm still not through it so I am thinking I should focus on that.  I also am doing a gratitude journal where I write 3 things I'm thankful for every night.  They can be anything from totally amazing to the everyday stuff like, Harvey's butt.  I am grateful for Harveys butt.  It is so cute.  It gives me great joy.  So that has been on my gratitude list.  Also Addie's 2 front teeth, Eva's brown chocolatey eyes, and Danny's muscles.  So I just repeat those things often, interspersed by other less deep thoughts.  Sometimes I'm so deep I could just dive down into my thoughts and get lost and never get out.  hahahahaha.  Just kidding.  I usually am thinking about food or spacing out!  I wish I didn't space out so much.   danny told me some research on how when women have a baby they actually get a bigger brain.  that made me happy because I always assumed the longer you nurse the more brain food the baby is taking and the more shrivled and nutrient deprived my brain is getting until I'm just sitting in a corner rocking and sucking on my thumb or picking boogers.  So, even though it looks like I'm not listening, and it looks like I don't have a clue, don't worry.  My brain is WAY bigger than yours and it probably is just busy connecting new neurons and firing away at warp speed.  
btw people My little baby sister (shes not really a baby she's 23)  had her first BABY GIRL!!!!!  I'm sure she is precious even though I've only seen like 4 pictures and 3 of them were on my phone and my phone is from the dark ages and pictures look like they are polaroids with scratches all over them.  But as far as I can tell on the one picture on facebook she is a total doll and my ovaries are hurting every time I see that picture.  Which has been often, like every time I get online I just stare at the baby with my mouth hanging open and a big string of drool going down to the keyboard.  Her name is Helene Eleanor!  isn't that the cutest ??? Anyways, Love ya'lls!!!