Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I am

the worst gift wrapper in the world.
My gifts are wrapped. They all look like someone with one prosthetic arm wrapped them. but probably someone with a prosthetic arm would take more pride and still wrap the gifts better then me. Mine look like a lazy demented person wrapped them. I think it also goes along with why I stink at quilt making. I've been working on a quilt for 2 months and the more I do it the more insane and crazy I feel. Hire that job out.
Well since no christmas cards are getting sent out this is my true/false christmas letter.

Hey friends and family!
Another GREAT GREAT GREAT year has happened!
So awesome! Totally fun! lots of vacations! (actually none) Went to Europe (nope) Traveled to Asia for a month (didn't do that either). Got awesome Sushi there! Totally awesome! Okay I'll go down the family list.
Danny quit teaching and he won the lottery! I know the lottery is totally evil but still he happened to find a lottery ticket on the floor picked it up and we won millions of dollars. Sold our house in Dayton and now are soaking it up in a hot tub in our mansion. But we were still very charitable and gave a bunch of money to charity. And actually we donated a ton to homeless people. Actually homeless people are living in our house and there is one in the hot tub next to me right NOW!
(the truth: danny is still teaching and loving it, started a gifted program at UC and is just being the awesome dad and husband that he always has been)
Me...Well after giving birth to the sweetest tiny little 6 pound baby (now you know that's a lie) I started training for my iron man which I actually WON in Hawaii last summer. Pretty awesome. Next I ran the Boston Marathon and won that too. So now I'm just decorating our 180.000 square foot house with greenery and homemade recycled vintage ornaments! Love being green!!!
I'm so green that I actually have been dumpster diving and stealing peoples trash and recycling it into beautiful hand painted wallpaper It's all made out of plastic kroger bags. But it looks gorgeous and I'm being featured in 3 magazines.

(put my life on the line and had a 12 pound 1 ounce baby who since that day in April absorbs 95% of my time with the girls soaking up the other 5% But I have started doing yoga and trying to work out occasionally plus teach piano and keep up with that )

Addie is studying abroad at a private school for super talented musicians and she is playing some Beethoven Sonatas at the Schuster. She also is swimming across the panama canal and playing her violin for homeless people in her spare time.

(addie is 7, a dr. seuss reader, poem memorizer, piano player and sister wrestler)

Eva is in the circus and is juggling to Save the Earth . She is one talented 3 year old.

(eva has a super jumping on one foot talent and can write Eva and Mom and she specializes in baby brother take downs)

Harvey is actually already walking and he started a free baby tap dance show that is raising money for dead dolphins or those being threatened by those wishing to kill dolphins. He also paid ransom for some dolphins that were being held hostage. He's just a very special 8 month old!
(Harvey is kinda crawling and is the fattest yummiest baby that we all like to snuggle)

Hope your family is as awesome and amazing and wonderful as mine and if it's not well I feel so sorry for you.

Love always,
The Dotsons

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the church of stop shopping

I watched a strange documentary about some people who decided shopping was evil and made "the church of stop shopping" and they go downtown New York City and cast demons out of cash registers and like de-demonize the metallic stripe down their credit cards and stuff. Anyways Mickey Mouse was supposedly the anti-christ.
I kinda can feel it. I went to the mall with the kids because they told me they would tie me up and steal my keys and drive themselves if I didn't take them there. I couldn't find one thing to buy. And it was horribly crowded and people were giving dirty looks to eachother and lots of stuff stuff and more stuff. And suddenly I was just like....I don't want one thing in this whole mall. So we walked around....checked out Santa, rode a tiny train, played with a sad puppy in the puppy store and left.
So my family might all be disappointed this year because I can't seem to find anything anyone might want or need. I'm going to become the crazy aunt who gives homemade knitted hats with santa on them and gift giver has just given up on the retail world I guess.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

here she is....

our illustrious tree courtesy of Addie and Lena and Eva. It's a little heavy on the decor down low but I think I like it that way.
harvey has been helping rearrange ornaments as well. He's trying so hard to crawl but he ends up in a down dog position. then he gets really frustrated and starts screaming. I'm like...Breathe in breathe out you're not going to let your chakras flow with all that tension. sheesh.
Eva and Addie are feeling the Christmas cheer. Where they can rearrange the nativity set every day and hold baby Jesus hostage and fight over who gets to be Mary in the christmas play. They are wrapping up old toys and Eva is whispering what they are in my ear...even the gift she is giving me. One of my own necklaces....."Mommy it's YOUR necklace! SHHHH!"
Today my car is in the shop, we are locked up in the house cleaning out closets and the girls are posting "No boys allowed" signs everywhere. With the exception of babies and daddies.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

my sisters are gonna kill me

couldn't let the holidays pass by without a couple sisterly you two!
was that good steph?
Eva self portrait! no boogers :)
enough princesses for ya? I was watching a friends kids and we had a girly/princess nutcracker dancing fiesta.