Thursday, May 26, 2011

end of school year

I set an arbitrary end of school year for Addie. It's Friday. We have had a good school year because I have really cut back on the busy work and just focus on what I think is important. Math mostly, handwriting and writing, and reading whatever she wants. We occasionally read "Story of the World" and we check out non fiction from the library for science or just talk about sciency topics with Mr. Dotson, most ridiculously awesome science teacher ever :)

So I promised her she could once again ( she had them done when she was 5 and screamed every time I tried to clean them so I just ended up pulling them out and letting them close up) get her ears pierced as an end of school year prize.
I looked at her ears and realized one of her old ear holes wasn't totally closed up. So I talked her into letting me poke a needle through it and stick an earring in. No tears either. Then I was like....I dont' want them to use a gun that's supposed to be bad for their ears. So I called a bunch of piercing places and they all said they wouldn't pierce a kid. So then I called Norma Jean. She was on the internet advertised as a piercer. We ventured to her shop which included a large amount of realistic looking baby dolls, a tanning bed, and MANY MANY wigs. Behind me two young guys in suits walked in (I thought they were missionaries but no name tags ) and were like..."We need a wig"
She of course didn't hesitate..."I'll be right with you boys" and she pulled out a hot pink piercing gun....shot an earring into Addie's ear (no sanitizer ) and handled the fellows in need of a wig. I recommended the cotton candy pink wig. They nodded thoughtfully. We walked out 10 dollars poorer but with a happy and gun pierced 7 year old.

Monday, May 16, 2011

two years ago

this was my Addie (in the middle) ......I love Lena's helmet and Dane's spiderman pajama shirt. And looking at old pictures I realized I'm going to miss Addie's silver capped front teeth like crazy. One of those things that you just don't realize it's even happening until it's too late and they are long gone. Addie has best friends in her cousins and that's a blessing. I only had a couple of cousins and we only saw them maybe twice a year. Not that we didn't live it up. We swam in the Holiday Inn pool at Christmas and ate pizza and then spent summer sunning on my grandma's beach and drinking root beer out of emptied out beer cans. These cousin relationships are more day to calls just to sit on the internet and play a game together, fighting, teasing, chasing, and laughing with inside jokes and crazy plans. All these kids!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

he's a lover and a biter

Happy mothers day to you too! I told Addie Harvey is a lover not a fighter and she went...Oh no he's not. He's a lover and a biter. true true. I mostly carry on this blog for my own record keeping as it's not really a blog hot spot.......I just wanted to say how awesome it is to be a mom. I NEVER KNEW. I truly love it and can't imagine anything I'd rather do....except occasionally get a bath without little friends hopping in but I know someday I'll be alone in a bath and being alone is seriously overrated. Every night I just say a prayer of gratitude for the blessing of being surrounded by my sweet little ones.

I feel like this is what life is about...this is it and it is truly awesome. Biters and all.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I see the SUNNNNNN

It is finally sunny and it has boosted my mood tremendously.
We are loading up our kites and blankets and heading to the park.
This month has been one of a bit of spring fever moodiness for all of us.......
we just need to get our hands in some dirt and get some natural rays of light instead of watching Rapunzel on repeat and hanging out in the stinky indoor playground at the Y. Not that the stinky indoor playgruond didn't save my sanity many a day. But it's May 5th no less and that's reason for a FIESTA so it's gonna happen that way gosh darnit.

The happy things in my life lately......

Harvey is still my baby being a snuggly nursing wonder and he is my dreamboat!!

Addie and Eva were caught lying in bed this morning holding hands and whispering about what they were going to surprise me with for Mothers day :)

Danny always knows what to tell me after a dark sunless day to make me laugh and feel happy again........

My sisters are my best friends and I get to go out with them and my mama for a mothers day night out tomorrow.

I read a book called "Hectors search for Happiness" I need to add a rule of happiness...."Too many days without light can make people unhappy"