Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The word yo is truly miraculous. It's a one syllable grunt like word that conveys relaxed, low key, and very vanilla iced/teenage mutant ninja turtles esque hello. It's better than hi because it truly shows you are not too good to drop to the level of the early 90's at ANY given moment. And to truly show how fun and dorky you truly are please add "DOG" at least occasionally.
This week has been okay. I swear I have no SHORT TERM memory...its just totally gone. I can't hardly remember what I did yesterday or even a couple of hours ago. LET ME REALLY think hard...hhhmm. We went to my old friend from the IRS's wedding down in K.Tucky. IT was so HOT but it was pretty and out in the country with lots of hill's, and streams and such.
Monday we went to the Cincinnati childrens museum and natural history museum.
We didn't see the bodies exhibit because I thought it just seemed too creepy.
A funny conversation me and Addie had was as follows:
"HEY mom can I go swimming?"
"Sure just get into your swimsuit"
"Okay but I have to wear my birthday suit first."
me "Yep. get in your birthday suit first."
Addie..."Mom you don't have a birthday suit."
Me..."I don't?"
Addie...."NO you have an old lady suit."
Hey I'm only 27 and I already have an old lady suit??? oh well. to her I probably look as old as a decrepit 99 year old lady on her death bed.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Poop Dah's

Eva is on a poop dah strike. Translated: She will not wear her diapers. I'm thinking about ducttaping them on her.
Poop dah was what she started calling diapers when she turned 13 months or so.
We couldn't figure out why she kept walking around saying "POOP DAHHH" Then finally I caught her carrying a diaper and chanting poop dah and I connected the whole thing together. So now she is talking more and will tell me when she needs to take care of business by saying...POOP DAH!!
She just won't keep them on her little bod. If she was like 2 I would just give up and switch to underwear but she seems so little still. hmmm....I dunno...but I do like saying POOP DAH.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Update on No TV and other random thoughts

So our TV experiment of only 1 hour a day has been going superbly. I don't know why I didn't limit TV before....everyone else on the planet probably had this figured out with little kids. Anyways, I bought the timer and told Addie she had 1 hour of tv a day and that was it.
At first she was whining ALOT. After a while though she started giving up and just going and doing something else. Now since we have been on ONE hour of Tv for like 6 weeks now, I've noticed she will actually come up with new and creative things to do. Like this past week she would actually turn off the TV before her timer beeped and just run off and do something else.
Not only that we've loved having no drone of Dora or Blues Clues in the background of all our conversations. Mainly me and Danny have loved that. Have you ever noticed how much Dora yells at people? She's like "SAY BACKPACK!!!" "SAY BACKPACK!!!!!!!" It's like the producers seriously want kids to walk around like robots yelling "backpack".
Today is Sunday and we had a nice time at church. I want to give a shout out to all my homies in the Engle'hood' ward. Before we came to the Ward we had several people warn us very politely about how the Englewood ward is "different" and "special". I am really starting to feel at home though. Everyone is really genuine and very friendly and I think we just were in the Dayton branch for so long we are very very very grateful for a new environment. I love the Dayton Branch but like Addie says "Everyones different but some people are REEEEEAALLY different."
Anyways everyone is howling for me to make rice krispie treats so bye bye.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

We are having so much fun you just wish you could have fun like this

I started reading this satirical blog....called seriously so blessed. It basically is totally making fun of the world of blogging where people are constantly presenting the most perfected image of themselves and discussing all the fun and wonderful things they are constantly doing. Which yes I am sure there are people out there that are only doing extremely fun, thrilling, things that would make me suicidal just being aware of how much fun they are having. If I was more computer happy I could connect that link but i'm slightly idiotic.

I will say though since I started writing a blog I write more than I used to write in my journal. I used to write in a journal before bed and I'd be so tired I would write five lines...........

something like this...HI. Today I went grocery shopping. I'm really tired. Addie screamed for reesecups and Eva threw food out of the cart and there are no check out people at walmart anymore. So btw I HATE WALMART!! I'm so tired. Good night.

That's really inspiring and I'm sure someday I'll read my real journal and cry because of how depressing it seems because I always write before bed when I'm about to drop.

So I don't know........I think some people just have more positive energy than I do and they just have to burn it off one way or another.

The pics are from fireworks we went downtown and ran into Katrina and Nathan and Lilia! totally unplanned! Addie and Eva slept through the whole thing. Like the fourth of july garb?