Monday, May 19, 2008

worm love

The kiss
My bug lover
Eva second after almost ingesting a worm
our new yard
Addie has been a bug a phobic for as long as she has been on the Earth. I have to blame myself because I probably traumatized her as a baby because I viciously would squash any wandering bug that would enter our home.

Last year it got to the point where the site of a microscopic ant would make her scream like a man jumped out the bushes with a knife.

So I've pretty much been trying to downplay bugs in general. I'll say like...."It's just a little sweet antie looking for some yummy grass to eat!!" What do ants really eat? Crumbs? I don't know.

Or I'll see a huge spider perched on the side of the house and Il'l just say...."Awww look at the cute spider making a pretty web!" inside I'm like wanting to run and spray it with that horrible foaming poison that I used to use on all scary looking bugs.

So we've been having a marvelous time digging in the dirt outside our house and we discovered a worm hideout. There were tons of worms. At first I really really didn't want to touch one.

BUT I was like thinking SUCK IT UP LADY. It's just a little can do it.

SO I picked it up commenting on how "cool" it felt to hold the worm.

Addie took a deep breath and touched it. Then she picked one up tentatively. Then before I knew she was holding it and letting it wiggle up her hand.

Of course Eva got in on the worm action and picked one up opened her mouth and almost ate it.

Addie thought it was so funny she kept saying "Eva kissed the worm!" Before i know, Addie was dangeling a worm in front of her mouth and she planted a huge kiss on the worm.

Now I can't get the girl to stop kissing worms. She is having a love affair with worms that is slightly strange but I have to say it's alot better then having her screaming every time a lady bug crosses her path.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

MAMA's day

I always feel ambivelent about the forced feeling of okay now we HAVE to get you a gift and tell you we love you because its MOTHERS DAY.

Nevertheless my little fam. did share the love on mothers day.

Danny and Addie woke up early on Saturday and cleaned the whole house top to bottom. That was like a serious gift. Then they ran off and did some mysterious something or other while I taught piano lessons. Once I was done they were like "DONT COME OUTSIDE!!!"

So I meandered around the house and they finally invited me outside where they had cleaned up and weeded a little patch of our front yard and planted some "RED HOT SUSANS" It was sweet. Addie was so excited she was like, "MOMMY this is for you because youre the most perfectest woman!!" hahaha. Here's a picture of Eva enjoying her chocolate chip cookie too.

Friday, May 9, 2008

My gardening inspiration

I Have only KINDA SORTA planted a vegetable garden. We always would say we were planting one but basically we'd throw a bunch of seeds into a square of raised dirt along the back of our house and ignore it until August where I would then scratch my head in confusion when nothing happened really. OR sometimes it would turn into a crazy tomato garden and the humongous squirrels would be running along the fence with big tomatoes carried above their heads like they just hit the jackpot. But I've never had an organized, planned out, functional garden.
SO I heard of someone doing a lasagna garden and I was like.....whats that?
So I looked it up and it looked really interesting but too much work. It's basically layering newspaper, and fertilizer and stuff until it's this big lasagna of perfect planting soil and then it's easy after all the layering business.
Then I looked up square foot gardening. I'm totally going to try it out. For one, I like the man's picture on the front of that book. 2. I've heard alot of good things about it and it seems very orderly and organized and you don't have to drive a roto tiller or anything. You have these cute little perfect 4 by 4 boxes that you plan the exact right amount of seeds and WHALA!! And you don't have to weed, and you can do it anywhere, because you don't use any of your existing soil, you use "MELS MIX" which is a combo of three things you can buy at a garden center.
I'm pretty stoked and hoping it works out!!

Monday, May 5, 2008


I have a weird obsession with watching "Super Nanny" where I half think she's smart and half hate her guts because she's always mean and evil to the poor family. I guess someone I know knew someone else who met her and they said she is seriously mean in real life and very snobby and rude. So I think I would probably hate the super nanny too. BUT anyways, last week started to seriously drag on and on. I was refusing to drive in a statement against the price of gas but no Iranian oil opec dudes were suffering, just ME and my sanity were suffering. Then Saturday we didn't do anything, really. Then Sunday we didn't really do anything (although before bed I met my sis. and bro in law and neice, lilia and mom and took a lovely walk through the woods) but besides that nothing really. AND I STARTED TO LOSE MY MIND!!!

SO As my mind unravels in the darkness and I think...."I can't start another Monday. I'm seriously going to go to the looney bin and going to have to bite on popsicle sticks and stuff. "
I start venting to Danny about my psychological state and Danny's like "Maybe you need the super nanny."
EEEEEK. That sounded so horrible and terrible I just could imagine the super nanny coming in and telling me all the horrible dysfunctional things in my life. My kids eat breakfast on the couch, they watch more than their share of T.V., one of them is always sleeping with us in bed, we don't even own a crib. Eva is constantly wanting to nurse in public and lifting up my shirt and smacking her lips like she's an obese man and I'm a whopper. I know that Jo or whatever her name is would seriously kick some bootie.
And that's not at all what I want. I just want simply, to leave the house like once a day or every other day and do something as inconsequential as look around at target or hang out with my mom or sister or a friend. So I'm going to forget my strike on oil and go back to my go where you want when you want ways. Sorry i'm just a glutenous american.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Newstuff, viruses, and not driving

I totally wrote a message on this here, blogger thing, and then I noticed someone left a reply. That was very shocking because the only people who ever comment are my two sisters and I didn't tell them I left a message yet. So I went to check it and I clicked on the name and it downloaded something horrible on my computer. My computer went into virus shock and like starting flashing lights at me and sirens.

So I then deleted the whole message just to spare anyone namely, you, my sweet family the horror of getting the virus too. I told Steph the only people who reply on my blog are like, my family, and freaks. BUT the freaks probably live in like MAlaysia and they think leaving a horrible virus on some poor mom in America's blog gives them an in with like George W. Bush.

So I have to START OVER and restate my first post.

A. I got my hair chopped 2 days ago and donated the whole mess to locks of love, which will probably not show an ounce of love to a kid with alopecia but oh well.

B. I have a new love in my life (hahahahah that just reminded me of that weird dancing scene on DROP DEAD GORGEOUS) it's big, it's black, and it freaks Danny out how much I stare at it. I found this vintage 1922 baby grand A.B. Chase piano on craigs list.

C. I tried to save money by walking to the natural foods store instead of driving to Meijer.

Everything was incredibly expensive. I went in to buy eggs and it was a super rip off. I was pushing the kids in the double stroller too. oh well I burned like a million calories because it was really far and really HOT.