Friday, January 25, 2013

happy winter!  It's the dead of winter and snow is piling up here, I'm treating myself to sitting online as long as I want.  I've been trying to limit technology in my house.  Why? Because I feel like my family is turning into zombies, school, eat, tv...repeated daily.    So I am trying to stay off the computer and do other productive activities, like read, make up arrangements of songs on the piano and read Harvey the same book 1 million times in a row..right now he really likes the "elephant and piggie" books.  Honestly I feel like just keeping this family fed and sanitary takes a ton of time.  i do not know how 2 working outside the home parents do it- it would be seriously hard.  If i worked 9 hours a day like alot of people do we would probably have our house condemned and our kids put in foster care because they would be living off like cheetos and root beer.  I mean, we had one of addies baby hamsters escape and we couldn't find it for 5 days.  things get bad round these parts.  today laundry needs to be done and I have to hope no more hamsters get out or we will be in trouble.  I need those hamsters gone!  Addie's rodent collecting is getting to the level of animal hoarding, 3 gerbils and 7 hamsters.  So tonight I think I'm going to make soft pretzels, I haven't made those in a while, and Addie and I are having a good luck charlie Season 3 marathon.  Daddy and Eva have a date to play checkers until Eva is a checker champ.  So that is today!

Friday, January 18, 2013

still here.....

I haven't been journaling, blogging, or anything that actually involved writing.  I kind of miss it,  every night I commit to writing in my journal then my head hits the pillow and my eyes are heavy and the thought of trying to make sense of my day sounds like work that is too overwhelming.   
  3 kids.  Doesn't sounds like much, but lately my days are flying by, I hardly sit down all day, but my life is full and happy and I feel content......because how could you not be with check out my big boy in his panties.  Yes we call them panties.  Yes he will be okay.  He is more man in his panties than you'll ever be in your underwear.  He has two older sisters, what do you expect.