Tuesday, February 5, 2013

ain't nobody got time for that

Things I've learned since being burglarized:
put your pictures somewhere besides your computer: like a cd, external hard drive, a box, because you cannot replace those...I still cannot think about the videos I lost, the kids on vacation at the beach, smiling at the camera wind blowing through hair, small legs, diapered chubby butts.  I wish my memory was better but unfortunately pictures and videos really helps me out in that department.  Christmas videos, and performances at school and in the living room set to music.  Dancing like crazy and and Harvey being a "super E" his word for super hero.  Videos I can't get back.  But at least I can take new videos, ones I will save carefully 

Lock your doors: sounds obvious, but I kept leaving my back patio door open so people could come in without a key.  not smart.  Someone I didn't want to come in came in without a key.  

Leave your dog out:  This I'm still on the fence with, Chilly was in her cage, and maybe if she was out she would've gotten hurt, but I'm guessing with how she growls at the dp&l guy she could have been some kind of deterrent.  

Don't leave your stuff in your master bedroom:  The only bedroom they checked out was the master bedroom and that is where they stole my jewelry.  Probably any other place is better for jewelry, like literally anywhere else.    

The worst feeling is just the feeling that someone was in my house, dumping my special, yet worthless to a stranger things, and taking things that belonged to us.  
I hope I can feel safe again and help my kids feel safe....but I guess we will never probably feel so safe we leave our house open.