Sunday, April 3, 2011

big week ahead

It's Harvey's 1st birthday!!!! It's been a year and he's still being a little baby wanting me to carry him everywhere (all 27 lbs of him) and not walking...but crawling like a champ and saying "Hi!" "bye" "Addie" "Mama" "dada" "dog" and "ball". yes he's brilliant I know. oh and "butt butt" That's the code for diaper change. Also Danny and I are celebrating our 10th anniversary. Which means I got married ten years ago and I was just a Bubby 20 year old. It's been 10 years of PURE HECK. Jk jk. We are trying to figure out what to do for our day of luuuuuv. We thought about going away somewhere but then we'd have to take Harvey with us and I could just imagine Harvey swimming naked in a heart shaped hot tub the whole weekend. Which we would have to take him because not a night has gone by in this whole year without him putting down at least a gallon of mama milks. So I'd probably try to leave him, he'd scream the whole night, and I'd wake up with mastitis. So We might just have to go to the Danberry and get chipotle. Sounds soooo romantic and fun. Just kidding. I think we're going to take a hot air balloon ride and sing Wind Beneath My Wings and have a picnic in the clouds. Sounds good huh? Also Addie has an apointment in Columbus with someone who basically has a cure for CMT in her back pocket. She is a big researcher at OSU neurologist and she's done all this research with a chemical called Neurotrophin 3. So far it looks really promising and I'm going to tell her "give me that stuff or ELSE!" or I might bribe her with a bucket full of the play doh poop we've all been entertaining ourselves with over the weekend. If you want to find out more about what we are dealing with here google charcot marie tooth or hereditary peripheral neuropathy. Also it's a week of spring break fun so no school for Addie or Danny!!! yahoo.