Saturday, November 17, 2007

primary program

Hey everyone.

So tomorrow is the primary program and I have to sit with the sunbeams through the whole grueling 45 minute event. I always feel a little like I'm still 3 years old and just extremely gigantic. Addie has 2 lines that she has practiced alot. She says them from memory with extreme voice inflection .

Tonight we were playing went from Danny to Addie to Me to Eva to chilly.

Eva and chilly were the weakest links of our telephone chain.

I said to Addie, "Hey what if Eva was in the primary program?"

Addie was like "all she can say is 'dog'. "

"True, true".

So the lady who is prompting all the kids on their parts will say, "I can show love to my mommy."

Eva will say "DOG!"

Then the lady will say "I can show Jesus I love him."

Eva will say "DOG!"

The lady will say, "My family can be together forever."

Eva will say "DOG!"

ect ect. We continued this for so long Danny started to look a little burned out on this whole line of communication.

We started giggling and then Eva started laughing. We are the girls club :)