Wednesday, August 26, 2009

20 things that make me sick

1. tomatoes (WHY??? I love's tomato season.....yet I can't even handle making eye contact with one of those guys)

2. bananas (strange)

3. anything fried (for the best)

4. cheese (BAAAAAAAAD)

5. milk (even on cereal....)

6. lettuce

7. cereal except fruit loops

8. noodles

9. sauce

10. butter or bread

11. cucumbers (I had a grand idea to make cold cucumber soup a couple of weeks ago.....unfortunately it all got poured down the garbage disposal....just the thought now doesn't make me feel calm)

12. onions

13. salsa

14. dog food (the smell...although when I was pregnant with addie I was falling asleep while the t.v. was on and I saw a commercial for what looked like some very gravyful beef and I said..."Danny that looks so good!" it was a dog food commercial!!!

15. juice

16. chocolate (how could my body go this wrong???)

17. ramen noodles (for the best right?)

18. anything with meat (excluding chicken pot pie...I ate that last night and for some reason wasn't bothered)

19. peanut butter

20. any food that emits any kind of odor

so for the list of foods that don't currently make me sick..........

1. yogurt

2. peaches

3. chicken pot pie

Thursday, August 20, 2009

i must reveal....

Addie started our second year of Addie and Eva and I spend the day driving eachother a little nutty i wonder what possesses me...........

We went to wegerzyn gardens......
My Eva isn't going to be my baby forever........a new one will join us in about 7 months!
(decided to let it all out because I need sympathy. I feel really horribly sick.)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Addie's journal

Addie started writing in a journal and she will sit in the corner of the couch penning her thoughts and eyeballing me over the top of her journal. I of course was curious what was in the journal.....
and now I'm publishing it for all to see!

I am 5 mi name is Addie.

I lake mashrooms.

I love Eva and i love mommy and i love daddy.

dogs and cats are my fafrit animols.

my vacashin was fun.

we whent to the stor and I got new shos and eva got sadals.

I wont to go to the dentist. I'm going to the detist this munth.

eva is my sister we play.

me and lena play we have fun.

at chrismas i want a camra and i want a fone.

Friday, August 7, 2009

i'm the crazy mom

yesterday Rach and Steph and Katrina and all 8 kids came over to play. We went to wegerzyn has a pretty cool childrens garden with a waterfall, and a stream, and a sandbox and lots of amazing plants. I ran into some other mom's I knew when Addie was a baby, and I ran into our old story time lady who was at the dayton library when we lived in Dayton. There were only about 3 kids who went to storytime and we were religious about it so we got to know her really well before she left and started driving the book mobile. Anyways that was a tangent....

It's great getting all the cousins together because they have a ball. They were running wild all evening outside. I'm glad they will have all these memories together. So anyways, about once a year I have Lena and Dane have an unaccompanied overnighter at my house. They are all still kinda young and they all want to sleep in the same bed. So I put them to bed but Dane was bouncing like mad and I kept having to fix his bed so he didn't fall down the crack by the wall. After they settled down, they all 3 wanted me to rub their feet, then their backs, then they wanted me to tell them stories. I was getting a tad on the tired side......I was like...Okay. Once thei r were three princesses, Brenda, Carla and Anastasia. (the 2 first ones kinda sound like factory workers). They lived in a huge castle that was made of glass. And there were no doors and no windows. They couldn't bounce a ball in their castle because it would shatter. Everyone in the whole village would watch them while they ate dinner, played, and took baths. They got sick of it and they decided they were going to smash their castle down and so they did. THE END. the story of a tired mind.

They finally fell asleep around 12:00 and I went to bed and read for a little bit. At 3 o clock I heard some voices. Nooooo!!! Then the voices kept getting louder and louder until they were shrieking and bouncing. I remember being at slumber parties as a child and at some point in the night a very angry parent would come storming in and start yelling threats that if we didn't stop we were all going home. I would always think in my mind "wow what's wrong with them??" So I became the crazy mom and I stormed in there and I caught Dane in the midst of a huge pillow fight. And I said "YOU GUYS ITS 3 in the morning you are going to wake up Eva if you don't sleep you all are going to be too tired to play in the morning and I'm going to have to take you home!!!!" then I stormed out.

I felt like the mean mom but that was the last sound I heard until 7 a.m.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

our getaway

we escaped life for about 4 days and spent some time together in a little cabin on Lake Huron. It was pristine and much needed escape from everything. It was just the perfect little small town, with a park with crazy plaster animals, little shops and restaurants and just a quiet spot to relax.
We went up to my grandparents on Hubbard Lake and I didn't even take any pictures. It was good to see my grandma and grandpa and breathe in the pine tree air. We went to a great aunt's 50th wedding anniversary and the kids danced in their dresses to the live folk band and we stayed at the illustrious alpena holidome and swam in the pool to our hearts content. So now back to real life......danny's slaying 5th grade dragons and I'm watching lilia and the girls as they turn the house into a scary doll paradise!