Thursday, February 11, 2010

3 year old party prep

Saturday we are celebrating Eva's 3rd birthday and the whole day is totally busy...I teach piano all morning, Addie has ballet, and then I'm helping with a primary activity with the kids at church. At 4 about 20 family members are coming to join us in celebration.
And Eva has laid claim on every element of this party. In fact she has requested that she not have a party at all just a cake "ALL BY MYSELF!"

so this has been our preparation day

assemble 8 treat bags for the kids

result: find Eva clearing out the treat bags about 2 hours later eating all the chocolate out of them, surrounded by trash and wrappers.

bake a birthday cake

found her and her cousin Lilia had dug out large chunks of the cake. I wondered why they were so quiet..ACK!

blow up balloons

she sat and popped balloons until I had to hang them really high from the ceiling and got into a screaming fight with Lilia because they both wanted the pink balloon.

found the birthday candles

she ate two of them.

SO in an effort to just end the day right we went outside to build a snowman.........
this snow is not snowman snow! it's way too fluffy and deep. So instead we watched the stars come out and swung in the dark on the swings in snow suits. I kept warning them if I fell down in the snow I probably would never ever get up again.

and I told mom I'll probably need another cake mix tomorrow........if she feels so inclined to deliver one to me...THANKYOU!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Meet my new nephew

Malachi Mark .........his birth was one that won't be quickly forgotten. Katrina had a long labor and was truly amazing. She had him "epidural free" and it was something that a pregnant about to give birth woman should think twice about attending. The girls were there with me, and mom, and Nathan's parents and we all ate junk food in the living room area and waited, and waited, and waited for the little guy to make his appearance. But he was taking his time and in a strange position. Katrina was really super woman! Every person who gives birth does it in their own way, and has their own ways of coping and being. She did it her own way and she was a tough cookie. I'm so proud of you Kat!
Addie and Eva were in love with him and talked about him all night and the whole next day. They are currently begging to go see them today.
and he was born in a blizzard. The trees are all snow covered and it has made the whole world look crystalized. It's cool.