Friday, February 27, 2009

I got the i feel like i'm gonna puke my kids has an ear infection blues

After an evening of all the kids jumping into a huge pile of couch cushions for hours on end we all were ready to retire VERRRY early.

Just as I was finishing reading the last part of this child psychology book I've been reading (go ahead and marvel at my ability to read boring books) I started reading twilight just to prove to myself its not really that good.

Eva started screaming and holding her ear. And that continued on the whole night.

In between nursing and screaming I was running to the bathroom feeling very nauseous.

and at 5:45 am an ambulance went down the road and woke us all up. SO we got up. Why not.

And yes Eva still nurses. And she probably will for a long time...and honestly I'm really glad she does because she wasn't screaming while she nursed. SO....there ya go.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Thanks everybutty

Eva's 2nd Birthday party was a smashing success. My card reader is officially broke so until dad or someone comes to fix it (I might need a new one) no pictures...tear tear.
but anywhoodle
We missed you Rachel and Mark and Lena and Dane and Elsie.

Eva is surrounded by her presents...actually she just threw herself on the floor and is screaming again about something.

But she WAS just playing happily with her presents. So anyways
love ya bye

Thursday, February 19, 2009

toddler tantrums

this second time around of having a toddler I have found the tantrums extremely cute.
the first time with Adelaide I was always a little bit in turmoil, like

"what have I done wrong?"

"Should I put her in her room alone?"

"Should I tell her to stop?"

"should I give in?"

and then I would eventually end up either getting really stressed out or giving in and buying her the king size reese cup she was screaming about.

when Eva pitches her little teeny tiny bod on the floor and starts kicking and screaming ...i want to crack up laughing.

like yesterday I probably looked INSANE because I had Addie and her friend Sam with us and we were leaving the library.

I was carrying a boatload of books in a bag, plus 2 coats, plus 3 story time crafts

then Eva tromping in her little boots decided it was time for a "toddler tantrum" and threw herself backwards on the floor and started kicking her legs ferociously. The two ladies at the desk were watching to see what I was going to do. I tried a couple of times unsuccessfully to pull her up by her coat but I was too overloaded.

So laughing hysterically was my only sensible option.

I got some weird looks from passersby...and eventually Eva miraculously stood up quit crying and walked out of the library!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

smooch smooch

valentines was AWESOME...i woke up to find my whole body covered in rose petals. Pink, red, white. You name it. On my dresser was one of those humongous cards that plays music. It was playing "Love of a Lifetime " by Brian Adams or Firehouse (whichever) The children were gone at a baby sitters and then I followed a trail of chocolate kisses downstairs to find a huge set of chocolate lips wrapped in red foil. WOW. I then followed a trail of snickers into the dining room where Danny had made me homemade cinnamon rolls, hot chocolate, belgian waffles with raspberries, and the biggest fruit smoothie you've ever seen. We then ate together and popped raspberries into each others mouths while we listened to jon secada.
then he rubbed my feet for 2 HOURS and then painted my toenails pink.
If that wasn't enough he then blindfolded me and we danced listening to Stevie Wonder and then.....he placed a 4 carat diamond ring on my finger. then we had a marshmallow fight and jumped on our bed the rest of the day until we fell....giggling into each others arms at 2 a.m and we watched City of Angels all night long.

it was so wonderful..

ps the real story is Eva was horribly sick all day and we laid in the living room wiping snot. doesn't valentines day bring out all the cheesiest public displays of affection ever?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the eve of Eva

as we played Uno tonight and totally got creamed by Eva I remembered ......
2 years ago tonight Eva was still hiding away unseen and unknown.

The warm weather reminds me of that same night and the sun shone that day.

I was 8 days overdue and I was more than ready to be done with maternity life.

Like today I remember aimlessly wandering the house...doing dishes, helping Addie with whatever activity she was dreaming up, and going to church. And I was unaware she would come shortly after midnight.

my feelings that night were all positive...I'd gone through it once before and felt prepared I just felt at peace. I wrote in my journal. I prayed. I bathed. I cleaned. I made a bed for my dad who was going to watch Addie. I made smoothies....

and I got to the hospital after midnight and she was born underwater at about 1:00 a.m. Feb. 12th.

and she came out screaming her lungs out!
so much for the peaceful birth making a peaceful baby :)

now I can dream of that night.... and my beautiful Eva.

Monday, February 9, 2009

my picture thingy is making me crazy.

i love technology...not as much as you you see. but still i love technology. always and forever.

actually I hate technology because it's always BREAKING!!!

One day I was beating an egg with an old hand egg beater I got from someone and I was thinking...I love this thing because it doesn't involve any batteries, cords, plugs, passwords, and all I have to do is turn the handle and it works.
I had peace with my egg beater. I kept thinking about how all of the world needs to go back to egg beaters and who was the dude who invented plugs because he should seriously answer as to why things that need a plug are always busting or not working.

like my new cars battery...

or why this memory card won't just simply let me download my pictures like it has for years

or why dvd's get scratched. And that has nothing with the fact that people in this house like to throw them like frisbees all the time. BLAME TECHNOLOGY

besides that we had an overall okey dokey day.

I taught the piana.

Addie learned about living and non living things and we had fun drawing pictures of non living things like juice boxes and headless barbies. (although when I was little dad you always were telling me the barbies at night would come out of the closet and move around the room and it scared me)

and we made an array of homemade valentines that should arrive in the mail to some of Addie and Eva's favorite peeps.

cute things: Eva's choice maker is in full throttle and she is always specifying things..."NO ADDIE DO DIT" translation (no addie do it) or "ME DO DIT!"

my mind keeps wandering to two years ago right now ....I was only 3 days away from having Eva. It does not seem like it's been 2 years. I wish I could freeze her at one and get her back to hug any time I want to. Now THAT would be something cool unlike stupid old car batteries and memory cards and stuff.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

ups n downs

today has been a day of children screaming.
why...I can't tell you.
we woke up....they watched tv. we did school..they screamed and fought over random things....they went back to watching tv after lunch and I had no energy to turn it off.

wrestling over a ball no one has previously cared about...
i babysat two boys and they all ran and screamed from frankenstein for two hours.
now I'm very very tired.

I wanted to escape tonight and go to Target but Danny got home late and then someone needed him to go help give their kids blessings because they were all sick with some horrible flu/cold thing.
so he is still gone and I am more than ready for EVERYONE to go to bed.

days like this too I honestly think I'm going to have a serious back problem because I'm leaning over and picking things up all day.
complaints over.