Wednesday, October 21, 2009

blackmail pictures posted

OF course I'd post a non scary picture of MUA what do you expect?
BUILD A BEAR ....the joyous place where you can buy your teddy bear clothes that cost more than what you pay for actual human clothes ...

black mail picture # 1.

Rach, you kinda look like you're casting a spell on someone.

cute eva picture break

blackmail picture # 2

this was part of our joint October birthday camera stinks :(

and last but not least blackmail picture # 3

and finally a neutral non offensive picture of Eva's baby maple lost its red leaves and looks a little puny but I have to include a fall esque picture right? right? there ya go!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

things on my mind:

1. holiday guilt: What would really happen to my family if I refused to take them to an autumn pumpkin patch this year and blog about it.....would I get struck by lightning? would the children have to go to therapy? would the grim wreeper with a jackolantern on his head come a knockin' and do us all in? just curious about that one. What If I became morally opposed to pumpkins? They're of the devil!!!! I'll just scream that and run every time I see one. Or I'm tired of inflicting pain on poor defenseless pumpkins. I'll tie myself to a large prickly gourd plant and cry hysterically any time someone comes to pick one...."DONT YOU SEE THEY ARE HURTING!!!! JUST STOP ALREADY!"

2. Our version of homeschooling is kind of light on the schooling part lately. You mix pregnancy hormones with the urgency of accomplishing anything productive and bad things happen. Yesterday I ended up sitting on the floor of our designated school room in tears while I colored an elaborate scene in the book Addie was supposed to be working in. I just was tired of everyone yelling at eachother. So I colored and cried. And Eva kept bringing me loads of toilet paper wadded up tissues and Addie colored me a rainbow with a flower and wrote a heartfelt note about how it was my birthday Saturday and she was so sorry she made me cry but she just really needed Eva to give her the paper. Then we all hugged and we were all okay. Happy joy

3. My life seems mysteriously simple but also incredibly exhausting right now. I can't really line the two up...should be very simple....but it's making me so tired. I also love wallowing in my sorrows if you can't tell. I'm not the type to hold it all in. I have to vent. So there I did it and I feel oh so better.

4. I love Danny. He is awesome. Danny deals with 50 kids every day so he totally has his bad days too so when he comes home he is ready to play with and love just being around 2 sweet little girls. I never knew the way our children would make our love grow but I can't imagine not having his energy and excitement for our own little world we live in. He's so excited about our 3rd he tells EVERYONE! Sometimes we watch Addie and Eva as they are asleep and we just like stare at them and giggle and smile like we won the lottery and have the secret to the universe. the secret is our family is the greatest joy in the world and no one can take it from's ALLLL ours!

so anyways I better head to the bed.... I love you all my family and friends. see don't I cheer up once I vent? That's just how I work!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

these girls don't get enough high fructose corn syrup in their diet..........these are way too delightful to them.

I remember loving capri suns so much I would down a whole box of them in one day.

I remember loving every disgusting thing that my mom would never buy......pop tarts,
any little debbie product,
frozen dinners, pizza rolls, hot pockets. ( I can't get that comedien guy saying "hot pocket" out of my head whenever I see those)
fast food
and airheads, laffy taffy, any kind of gummy, all forms of chocolate, funyons (that is a hilarious name for a food product) and pretzel sticks at the pool.
It seems like my blogs have been about food alot lately.

So basically....the past month the only foods I could stomach were these disgusting childhood favorites. I didn't want juice...I wanted capri suns. I didn't want homemade pizza I wanted a disgusting frozen pizza roll.

BUT the clouds have parted and angels descended and I have emerged from the first trimester and I truly, really do feel much much better. And my cravings for spaghettios have left me and I am so so so happy about that.