Tuesday, July 27, 2010

chilly stinks

I'm hot.
this house is full of drywall dust
chilly really stinks.
I skipped our outing today to the water park because the girls didn't want to go.
Harvey is sweating on my chest sleeping.
girls are throwing balls at eachother across the room.
I taught piano all morning.
considering teaching piano in the students home instead of my own.
too many squawkers in the background.
I want to research charlotte mason homeschooling.
We put an offer on a house...but don't know if it will work out or not.
I'm going to shampoo the living room carpet because someone shook chocolate milk all over it.
Stephanie is pregnant! I was the first to find out....(well besides Aaron) and I'm so excited for her and glad it's her and not me. I'm blessing her with the gift of a 12 pounder. Just so she can experience it.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

come on to my house

come on to my house. I'm gonna give you CANDY. come on to my house to myyyy house I'm gonna give you CANDY.
I have no clue where that song is from or if I made it up.
But I will give you candy if you come to my house.

We are house shopping. looking for a new slum house to purchase. Don't worry we will be slum/ghetto lords. It's Danny's new goal.

Today we looked at house number 1: 1920's 3 bed 1 bath with a NIIIIICe yard, but needs a roof, new kitchen, new furnace and a.c. and that's almost all. well not including cosmetics. BUT is only 19,000. And it's on a cute little street and the neighbors were nice. I talked to the girl.

Number 2: a good street in a semi shady overall neighborhood. This house had a cool upstairs apartment with a 2 layer deck. but it stinks like an animal died and rotted and their is no floor and the basement is loaded with mold. 30,000

Number 3: Over by our other house this is a lovely ( I feel like a real estate agent) cape cod. It's actually not lovely...mint green and the bushes are as tall as the house. But it has a newish furnace and the roof looks okay. But it has a huge ramshackle shack in the back with power running to it that makes it look like it was used to grow da drugs or something. Also on a decent street. This one is only 16,000. But it has mold in the bathroom and needs all new interior stuff.

Stephanie said we are currently looking to buy vermont ave and we're going to have to work up to park place.

The last place had a typewriter in it and pea green carpet too. It was awesome.

The girls are just holding their noses and whining to leave. anywho....what else can I write about? this summer just WONT
QUIT. I swear.
okay I'm done.

Friday, July 9, 2010

boys vs girls

I'm spending time with my little nephews tonight along with the girls and Harvey.

When I gave birth to a girl A GIRL!!! The thought of having a little boy was so foreign to me. I pitied all the poor mothers who gave birth to boys first because having a girl was the biggest treat in the world. Like a humongous icecream sundae with loads of whipped cream, and a huge cherry on top. covered in gummy bears. With three flavors of icecream. and hot fudge.(can you tell I still haven't been eating sugar?) That was having my Addie.

Then I had my second girl and I felt the exact same way!

And then I found out (number three) was a boy. Danny yelled an outloud "YES!!!" and I smiled kind of but I was afraid. Boys. Legos. Cars. Dump trucks. footballs. buzz cuts. Mullets. For some reason really bad boy haircuts kept popping in my mind. Attention deficit disorder..hyper.

biased ya think.

I was still a little afraid all the way till I saw Harvey. Upon viewing my 12 pound chubby ,squinty eyed grunting boy my heart leaped and all I could think was "A BOY!!!! I'm the luckiest woman in the world. " and that was like getting a HUMONGOUS mango ritas frozen custard. So now I pity all the poor unfortunate mothers who had girls and can't put a bow tie on their tiny little bald baby man.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

3 on the 4th

3 months today!!! So I will take tons of mommy liberties by smooching his chubby cheeks and feel free to squeeze fat thighs to my hearts delight. This was last night at the fireworks in Dayton. We went with our neighbors and their granddaughter and my mom.
The downtown had a cityfolk festival which I'm not sure what that means but there was a ton of puppetting people with their works of art like the one above.
of course another picture of the 3 month birthday boy. Happy fourth!!