Sunday, June 27, 2010

its all good

this is 3 weeks of no sugar. Well I guess I broke that rule once maybe but I'm doing good with it. No sugar to me is like eliminating a huge food group. I mean gummy candy is actually it's own food group, then sugar and desserts have their own category. when I was younger a trip to the meijer bulk gummy section was considered dinner...because well you had the gummy strawberries, the sour worms, the sour bears, the gummy fish. It was a buffet of gummy delite. So after like 3 days of having chills, sweating, and shaking I'm feeling like a new woman. But being Mormon means I have even more things forbidden from my diet, like all coffee products, (even mcd's frappes) all tea products...well except herbal tea but it depends on the kind..I only like the fruity kinds anyways. So if you're a word of wisdom abiding mormon you get into sugar because what else gives you the buzz? I have no way to get my high and I've decided marijauna is so much healthier and way relaxing. JUST KIDDING.

I'm trying to eat mainly whole grains, lots of veggies, some fruits, and meat that isn't preserved with nitrates. So aren't I special. And the occasional left over chicken mcnugget. And french fries. oh yes and pizza. So this diet of mine may not prove successful but I do feel better.

oh and I've started doing yoga at home. youtube fat burning yoga and you will get a killer workout. I'm going to shed my baby chub because I certainly gathered alot of it this time.

My question is why is Ohio so hot and humid? The other day I thought a bug was crawling down my back and it was just sweat. It grossed me out. We've had a good week with almost zero pictures because I just don't take my camera anywhere.
We are out and about and Harvey and Malachi have discovered eachother. Katrina and I were sitting at the Y letting the kids play when we realized we were both holding the little men on our laps and we were like..."They need to be introduced to eachother!" So we had them face eachother and Malachi had his mouth hanging open so wide and his eyes were shocked looking and Harvey was smiling and talking and laughing. Harvey kept talking like he was really waiting for Malachi to respond but Malachi just kept looking stunned. It was cute.

anyways I predict a great friendship between the two men.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

fodders day

(my niece lilia and eva)
Happy fathers day to my dad and my danny.

Dad -you have so much energy for my kids and I do love you for it. growing up you were there to tell a weird joke or play pig in the backyard. Your strange humor and lots of hugs and treats galore make you YOU. We all think you are the best.

Danny- You and I get to share equally all this crazy love we have for our children. Laughing about them together and watching you play with and teach the girls is a blessing. Harvey smiling just like you brings tears to my eyes because I know he has a great example in you.

okay enough mushy stuff. now I'm writing a recipe for large group family fun.....

a, pick a major holiday....preferably one where people like to go out to eat...mothers day, fathers day something like that.

b. decide that night you will go out to eat with your entire, exremely large and kid heavy family, to a very popular moderately expensive, nice restaurant. That is located at "The Green" which is a phony feeling fake downtown, outdoor mall, that is constantly packed with people. Not only that they had a really loud 80's cover band with a lady belting out tunes for 4 hours.

c. eat at restaurant. This involved me nursing in a packed lobby with the server telling me to nurse in the family bathroom which didn't actually have a chair inside it. It was so tiny it just had a toilet and a trash can. I wonder where she thought I would sit.....add about 2000 more trips to family restroom because all 600 of our toddlers needed to go non stop. leave restaurant.

d. beat through throngs of joyous fathers day celebrators to go see a movie with all the children. Unfortonately it didn't start for 40 minutes so we had to keep all the children safe (as we sisters traded child abduction stories we'd read or heard about). Enter movie theater and realize there are no seats left. All 1000 of us leave and start telling off the movie theater girl while the kids are crying loud enough to create a sonic boom. don't know what that is me....its loud. Then wait another 30 minutes to see the next showing. This was Toy story 3 people....there would be a riot if this didn't happen.

e. watch movie. 3-d didn't totally impress me but was cute seeing 8 kids lined up wearing the glasses. nurse baby in movie, pass out loads of lollypops, leave movie with crying baby....fall asleep in lobby.

and by the way....Rachel I love you happy happy birthday.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

we're living in brazil

thats what danny and I keep repeating over and over to eachother. Now neither of us have actually BEEN to Brazil...or even south America. BUT in our view of the planet...Brazil must have weather just like we are having. No where else...Just Brazil.
Now we live nowhere near Brazil...just in the midwestern world of Ohio where people purchase Cincinatti reds onsies for your baby boy.
Harvey is just your everyday midwestern man.
And Eva is your average midwestern yogurt in the yard eating summertime 3 year old.
and Chilly is your average midwestern rat terrier.....Anyone want a dog?