Saturday, February 25, 2012

loads of pictures

 Malachi turned 2 and we had a party at Katrinas.  Those boys are getting big.
 February is the longest month of the year officially.  After a round of strep throat, and colds, and flus and sinus issues.....spring can't come fast enough.  Even though this winter has been weirdly warm....totally anticipating a zombie apocolypse.  But fear not, I just bought my wheat grinder...WONDERMILL Jr. Even makes peanut butter.  And it makes cereal and cracks wheat.  But you have to hand crank it but I figure that will keep me totally fit.
 Nothing like new swimsuits in the middle of winter.  Addie is now a minnow!  Congratulations :)
 Our one day of snow you know how it is.  The kids woke up looked out the window...screamed "It snowed!"  Got totally bundled up which involved taping on their gloves with duct tape and two layers of socks then went outside for 10 minutes and came in and threw all the snowy clothes in the family room.  Hooray for winter
 Harvey looking up at me trying to figure out how he can wrestle the camera out of my hands.  That boy loves technology.
 Elsie my cute niece at a birthday party
 my sweet little nephew henry age 10 months with my cute sis.  steph.  He is a total little elf. That girl makes some cute baby boys.
 Her necklace I liked.  And her mole.  (steph you really should get that checked out) hahahah.
The one snow day again.   He's a heartbreaker in his snowpants and sock hat.  I'm sure we will live to see March but pray for Addie's health.  She has been catching everything on earth.  I've been eating like crazy out of nervous energy and probably gained back my 5 pounds I lost running.