Saturday, September 18, 2010


Having an under 1 year old child makes for some awesome sleep. Actually I think having an under 100 year old child probably makes for awesome sleep. But I'm sure that first year is the orientation to bad sleep every parent has to when their child is 16 and missing at 2 :00 a.m. you are primed and ready to jump out of bed and call everyone on the planet to find out where they are. So with nothing else to do but make eyes at Harv at 6:00 a.m. I decided to come on here and check on the blogging world. Which is a small world since most everyone I know that used to blog quit when facebook started up.
So I've been tired for at least 2 days....I think I'm grinding my teeth at night. I keep waking up with a weird pain in my jaw and it's on both sides so I don't think I have a toothache.
Yesterday once about 4:00 hit I was SOOOOOO tired. Danny has been gone from pretty much sun up till 11 at night. So I'm flying solo on all the chores around the house and manning the 3 youngsters. Mom has been coming over and saving me. Yesterday she bought me dog food which was a whole trip to the store I didn't want to do. Also she brought all her apple tree apples and made me an apple crisp in my kitchen while I laid on the couch with Eva and zoned out/slept. It turned out really good and got me through the evening. So now another day begins and the two girls are up and out of bed.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

happy birthday dane!!!

We're heading to your chuckee cheese celebration in a few short hours.

What's up right now: Harvey's in the laundry room sleeping.
The girls are on the couch reading books.
Danny's at the rental house getting it fixed up.
I finished teaching piano and now I'm going to make my children some food.
I could possibly be the worst piano teacher in the world.
Today during piano lessons Eva decided to turn on the keyboard on full volume and not turn it off..I had to crawl under the piano and drag her out. That didn't stop her and she headed right back and started it up again....I threatened to lock her outside. That stopped her mostly. Then the phone was ringing non stop. I kept thinking...why don't I turn my phone off? All the while my little 6 year old student is waiting patiently. She finally starts playing and the cell phone rings AGAIN and I have to answer it because it's my next student and they'd been trying to call for two days and they for some reason weren't able to hear my messages. So I answer the phone and FINALLY have peace to listen to my student play. By then Harvey wakes up and starts crying and I think she was burned out and she just quit. Poor thing. I need a piano studio SOOOO BAD!!! Or I need a door with a lock on it so my children can't come in. Or I just need to send them off with someone during lessons.
that's all!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

my boy

my boy is rolling over!!!
and he's scooting on his belly!
(harvey age 4 months)

No back to school for us Dotson's. Addie's doing 2nd grade at home again and I am feeling peaceful and happy about it. It was her choice truly and I'm up to the task. I have to give myself alot of pep talks about this since having 3 kids does seem like I am drowning in little people sometimes. The funny thing about 3 kids is that I cannot imagine only having three permanently. With 2 one more seemed really scary. Now that I have Harvey I feel like I will definately have one more and it doesn't scare me. Although it would seriously scare me if I was having number 4 like right now. Then I would freak out! But nope...not yet. anyways, since we are homeschooling we aren't starting school until the day after labor day...the day EVERYONE on the earth should start school. But since I can't change the world I can change my corner of the world. I've been reading The Well Trained Mind to inspire my organization with homeschooling. Naturally I would be a total unschooler but I'm fighting that urge because after reading this book I truly believe there is alot of good things that take discipline to learn and it is worth it in the end to teach my children in a way that they can maximize their potential and ability to learn. But all that will happen NEXT week because as of right now they are fighting over the cell phone and tackling eachother like crazed cats. So the vision and reality once again diverge....