Thursday, April 10, 2008

The happy soup fed babies

Here is Eva and Lilia chasing Chilly read on read on

Crack pat

I just wanted to say that I personally want to shoot
or yell at
the person who invented
A) the crock pot aka the CRACK PAT


Lets just say the crack pat almost did me in a couple of weeks ago. My beef stew was frothing like a rabid dog.
Im sure you are thinking..."what kind of moron cant use a crock pot?"
well I'll tell you I'm the idiot then because that stupid piece of worthless kitchen crud was frothing, sizzling, and the meat was foaming like it had a disgusting layer of seafoam on it.

Okay enough on that...onto the PRESSURE COOKER.
I'll quote my bro. in law Nathan Terry as he said...."ONCE we quit attempting to use the pressure cooker we started eating dinner"..
That was prophetic because tonight we attempted to use the pressure cooker and make Katrina and Nathan a delightful homecookin casserole with cheese, rice, broccoli, asparagus and chicken. It didn't work out so dandy. The rice NEVER cooked and so I decided to UP THE ANTE and leave it on the stove for a good long time. The metal safe called a pressure cooker started sizzling and then large sums of weird fluid started spurting out of the hole. I tried to turn it off but it kept spurting in a bullet across the kitchen.
Then I stuck the whole thing under the sink and the rice had cooked down into a rice paddy.
IT was very troubling and disgusting.
SO we all ate PBJ and quesadillas. I did mix some spices and I reconstituted the rice paddy into an interesting looking soup that we fed the babies!!
SO take that RACHEL RAY.

Friday, April 4, 2008

I'm sorry

This was just too wonderful not to share....