Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanks given

Thanks to RACHEL for letting us all use her house for the celebration.

Thanks to my mommy for making some super awesome rolls and pies and basically slaving away the whole day in the kitchen.

Thanks to Stephanie for not killing everyone for freaking out about the turkey. And for making the best turkey I've EVER HAD in my WHOLE LIFE. Or at least since last year.

Thanks to Katrina and Nathan for not smooching too much at the party. And making some kick butt green been casserole.

Thanks to Natalie for playing soooooo sweetly with Eva, Addie and Dane. You totally have won Eva's heart again.

Thanks to Nathan for being a calm spot in the sea of chaos.

No Thanks to Aaron and Nathan Terry for making fun of ME!! I can't remember what it was about but trust me I know tae kwon do.

Thanks to Marks family for coming and having a lovely time with us and bringing an adorable puppy!

Thanks to Dad for buying all the toys to entertain the children.

And I just want every single one of you to know.....if I've forgotten you....


(insert picture of me looking very mellow and troubled or my buck tooth smile)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

woodle foodle noodle doodle poodle

Addie is learning how to write and discretely slid under the bathroom door some messages while the bathroom was occupied. I forced us to sit on the couch before church and pose for a family pic since we all looked so clean and fresh.

yes I know its early but talk to me when your 5 years old and desperately want a christmas tree
And check out Eva's "outfit"

Addie poses. Stephanie do you remember when you used to always cross your hands over your heart for pictures when you were like 6? Addie is totally with you on that.

My beautiful bowl

with an ugly backside

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Salvaged my bowl

They saved my bowl!!! It has a huge chunk out of the bottom and the bottom looks pretty harsh but it still works and holds liquid. I proudly served Danny cereal in it this morning and he was marveling at my talents and skills. (staring at it with half open eyes because it was still dark and I brought it to him in bed because I was excited to show him). SOoooooo
Last night I finished glazing 5 things and hopefully they'll cook up dandy with no mishaps.

Last night our ward had a service auction. I auctioned 4 free piano lessons and they went for like 120 (fake)bucks. I was like..if only people would really pay that much for lessons. I got 4 free hours of babysitting and I got a free haircut.

Danny took the day off work because someone drove through the fence, yes again, of our house in Dayton. I guess all of our porch sitting neighbors were shrieking and screaming in horror because the probably drunk or high man was driving 70 mph down Shedborne Rd and he wasn't slowing down. He drove up the curb and smashed our disgusting chain link fence down to the ground and drove up the hill in our yard and almost ran into the maple tree. i guess the fire dept had to come and everything. We had many eyewitnesses. You see, low income housing is around the block from the house aka. the projects aka. the drugstore. and I have to believe people in their drug desperation or hallucination just drive as fast as possible to get there and don't even notice they just smashed down our fence. Really you could practically put a road right through our yard and it would be a wonderful shortcut to "the drugstore".
So Danny's chore of the day is replacing the chain link fence.
My chore is....ummm. Babysitting Addie's friend and finishing painting a cupcake on a stepstool in between feeding, reading, playing, picking up, arts and crafting, and storytime.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


We wanted to do something for the orphans but since it was like 100 dollars to send a 20 lb package to the orphanage we decided to make infant kits and school kits.
I was thinking we could make just as many as we have supplies for we don't need to make a ton....we just drop them off at the bishops storehouse. The cool thing is they go to kids all over the world and many newborns in very poor countries where these small kits are going to would not even have a blanket to be wrapped in. So if anyone buys any of the things on this list tell me so I can account for it.
On Christmas I was thinking we could just assemble them and it would probably take only half an hour or so. go to if you need the directions on sewing the blankets or backpacks. heres the basic list
1 school kit needs:
4 unsharpened pencils
1 pencil sharpener
1 box pre-sharpened or unsharpened colored pencils
1 pair scissors
1 rubber eraser
1 ruler
450 pages of paper in notebooks
1 cloth bag

1 double receiving blanket (directions on the website)
4 flat fold cloth diapers (these are the big ones that are thin...not the ones people use for burpcloths)
4 diaper pins
1 pair booties or baby socks
2 bars of ivory type soap
1 newborn layette gown (they don't want footed sleepers they have directions to sew them but it might be easier to buy them)

It seems like these won't be too hard to put together and we can just buy stuff whenever. Addie's really excited to help put them together. Just leave me a message or call me if you get anything so I can write down how much you bought. LOVE YOU ALL...


POTTERY: the problem with pottery is called chemical reactions.
step A) you throw the clay on the wheel

step B) you make a beautiful clay bowl/cup/mug/whatever (or in my case you destroy a big wad of clay and have to start over 5 more times)

Step C)You fire the clay ######DANGER##### this is where your perfect or semi perfect thing is going through it's first chemical reaction and might explode/burn to the bottom of the kiln

STEP D) You start over because your pot/bowl/mug/plate got destroyed

STEP E)You do it all over again.

STEP F) Your pot/bowl finally made it through the first firing and you are ready to glaze it.

STEP G)Glaze it a color that will turn out NOTHING SIMILAR WHATSOEVER to the color you initially put on it once it goes through the final chemical reaction.


STEP I) Remove beautiful bowl from kiln that now is a totally new and surprising color's once again burned to the bottom of the kiln. Actually 2 OF YOUR SLAVED OVER BOWLS ARE BURNED TO THE BOTTOM OF THE KILN.

STEP..umm J) Tell entire pottery class to go to HECK!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'll drop it soon I promise

Americans don't have to use propaganda right?

He's the pres. so now we have to respect him. And I'm going to give him just as much respect as many people gave President Bush.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

'bamed out

Yeah whatever
so every inner city person,
liberal idealist college kid,
and illegal immigrant went out and voted for 'bama.

i'm now preparing for armageddon.

buy large case of Aldi tuna
buy large case of Aldi beans and tomatoes
(what's a case?)

store some major water action
buy flourescent lightbulbs.
continue planning my super secret rondevoux location
in case of terrorist takeover.

should I buy a goat??

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

week rerun

pumpkin huntingpumpkin carving
pumpkin degunking

trick or treating

Fairy running

wedding attending

Eva scowling

Addie standing

grandpa and elsie loving

playing with cousins

playing orphans