Thursday, February 28, 2008

not suitable for public

Okay so yesterday my goal was for ALL of us (me, Eva, and Addie) to accomplish 3 relatively simple tasks.
GO to storytime.
Pick up Eva's 1 year old pictures at the mall and let the kids play in playland.
Eat lunch.
STORYTIME: They had a sub who was so exuberent and energetic she read about 15 books. All the kids were screaming by the end of it. I then had to pay my late fee (which I was annoyed about because they never emailed me about it). Eva in the mean time started pulling book after book off of the shelf. I crammed them all back on the shelf. And wheeled the stroller towards the movies. She was like fighting me and arching her back so I quickly grabbed 3 movies and we went to the new "self check out" where I had to throw about 400 kids books on the counter while holding eva in one arm with the stroller falling over and Addie trying to scan them all herself. We left.
MALL: Picked up Eva's pictures and headed to the playland. I was realling hoping it wouldn't be WWF crowded toddler wrestling style but it was. Eva was crawling across the ground when a 40 lb 3 year old raced into her and she went flying. She was screaming so loud I ran over to her and picked her up and she had a mouth full of blood. It was like dripping all over her shirt. I kinda freaked because I thought she knocked out her front tooth that she just grew in. After we cleared out the blood I realized it was just a slice through her lip. That was good but I was annoyed the mom of that kid watched the whole thing and didn't even say anything. I was shooting her looks of death. We left and went to see the puppies.
Lunch: BURGER KING drive thru. uneventful.
Anyways, today Addie claims she wants to "get out of the house" but I'm really doubting the wisdom in that choice. I'm thinking we should just stay in a padded room.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Hey sisters/friends
I always hated crafts as a child. If someone got out glue and scizzors at school I always groaned and felt so annoyed that I was going to be "forced" to make a preplanned owl, or weird looking parrot or whatever. I prided myself in not being crafty, I was artsy which was totally different and much superior. I continued this tradition through my school years. As "artsy" as I was I was definately not CRAFTY. I never took home ec because cooking/crafting weird quilted backpacks was totally not my thing. My senior year I took a class called child development or something because I had a free period. We had to take care of a "baby think it over" which is essentially a really ugly baby doll that cries a ton and you have to turn a key to get it to stop crying. Unfortunately you have to turn the key for like an hour. A little computer inside the baby records what you are doing, wether you are neglecting it, abusing it, feeding it, banging it against a cement wall. Anyways, I swear I did not abuse the "baby think it over" but somehow I got a 50% on that assignment. And I still believe I got a 50% because everyone CLAIMED I hung it from a tree or something horrible. NOT TRUE! anyways,
Now only less than ten years later I am a functioning non abusive mother of two children.
I'm really truly not crafty like my sisters are. But I will add I learned how to use a sewing maching from Danny (who did take home ec) and I sewed Addie a scripture case. Quilted ( I bow my head in shame) and I have been knitting/crocheting since my freshmen year of college.
I guess I've realized how being artsy/crafty can actually intersect and wether I'm painting some funky painting, or knitting a crazy hat I'm still creating something. And usually I feel good about it while I'm making it even if it does make me laugh at myself and think "IF only my 15 year old self could see me now!"