Sunday, January 20, 2008

naughty noo noo

Ever since I've become a "mom" I've totally gotten into the horribly embarassing habit of saying things with made up words or in babyspeak. Like our family word for head is "nut". I don't know why. So the other day a little boy at church hit his head on the corner of the wall and his mom started to comfort him. I was walking by and I was like..."uhoh don't crack your nut!" She looked at me like I was a little loopy. I of course started giggling and said "Oh that's what we always call "Head" We call it a "nut" . She seemed confused a bit.

Addie has become the family photographer and she uses my camera all the time when I don't know about it. I was just going through old pictures and deleting them when I saw this scene that her and Eva did together. Slightly freaky and I'm wondering how many hair stretchies were swallowed and actually went through her system.