Sunday, December 9, 2007

In Hiding

Hey everyone,

SO this month has been crazy for us. We decided to rent our house out, and found renters fast. We closed on our house in one frantic week, the same week we were packing up and trying to get out so our renters could get in. I had only like one or two moments of mental breakdown.

We are now in hiding at my parents house.

I feel like we are in hiding because no one has been able to call us because our cell phone only works some of the time, and our home phone is obsolete.

Danny has been working frantically on our new house.

Our new house could be put in a magazine as a monument to the 60's.

Wood paneling, pink and blue toilets and sinks, gold flecked counters. It's great.

Since he has been so busy with it we haven't really seen much of him since we moved.

So today I'm in hiding to the extreme. It's Sunday and he's not working on it today.

I just locked myself into my old bedroom and am hiding from my children because they have been latched to me like 2 growths (cute growths) coming out of the side of my body. They have been sick a bit, and there's been alot of uprooting and such, but I felt like they were literally draining my life force out of me and soon I was just going to be a puddle of mommy mud with a little flag stuck in it that says "Mommy".

That made me think about how we never had door locks on our doors in our old house.

We absolutely definately need locks on our doors. I'll put that on the list for Danny. For your own viewing enjoyment try....

Saturday, November 17, 2007

primary program

Hey everyone.

So tomorrow is the primary program and I have to sit with the sunbeams through the whole grueling 45 minute event. I always feel a little like I'm still 3 years old and just extremely gigantic. Addie has 2 lines that she has practiced alot. She says them from memory with extreme voice inflection .

Tonight we were playing went from Danny to Addie to Me to Eva to chilly.

Eva and chilly were the weakest links of our telephone chain.

I said to Addie, "Hey what if Eva was in the primary program?"

Addie was like "all she can say is 'dog'. "

"True, true".

So the lady who is prompting all the kids on their parts will say, "I can show love to my mommy."

Eva will say "DOG!"

Then the lady will say "I can show Jesus I love him."

Eva will say "DOG!"

The lady will say, "My family can be together forever."

Eva will say "DOG!"

ect ect. We continued this for so long Danny started to look a little burned out on this whole line of communication.

We started giggling and then Eva started laughing. We are the girls club :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

getting jiggy with halloween

Eva was an expert goop extractor.

Addie thought it felt gross.
Eva thinks leaves taste delicious.

Yep a bunny and an angel. (awwwwww how sweet) there I said it for you :)

Halloween in Dayton is not normal. People decorate for halloween more than they do Christmas. They create seriously morbid porch displays. Our neighbor pulls out the megaphone for 2 hours and makes ghost noises constantly on trick or treat night. Danny's comment tonight was " The thing I hate about halloween is all the alcohol." I was like "Alcohol?"

He said "Yeah I smelled alcohol on a bunch of people while we were out."

I said "Okay ANY HOLIDAY in Dayton, and probably most places in the world revolve around alcohol. Why not halloween too? Heck why not just pour the kids a shot of whiskey instead of a reese cup?"

It is true though that alcohol is front and center in any holiday in dayton.

July 4th..lets stagger around with a brown paper bag with a bottle in it and scare people until they call the police.

halloween..Let's drink beer and then smash the bottles on the sidewalk.

Thanksgiving... Lets drink because we are annoyed we have to see our relatives ect.

St Pattys..Green beer:NO COMMENT.

Tonight we honored whatever halloween is about by making our customary trick or treat candy rounds. Addie was really excited. The problem was the freaky decor started troubling her and she refused to go up to certain doors. There are also very few kids in our neighborhood so we always come back with LOADS of candy because they give her like 10 pieces at every single house.

We got home and sorted all the candy and threw away anything that might pull out any expensive Dental metals (forget the ones in the suspicious packaging that looks like someone injected a drug into it) and threw away those Chic peanut butter whatever the heck they are.

Then we let Eva swim in the candy on a blanket and that was funny. Then she tried to eat the candy in the plastic. So I end another October.

I would tell you all about all the other stuff that's going on but it's too much and anyone who reads this probably already knows :) Love YA

Thursday, September 6, 2007

No White after Labor Day

I thought as an ode to this summer, I'd post some of our pics. Teachers' have all Summer off, so everyone continuously told us to go do something exciting. The problem is teachers' don't have money to do anything exciting. All in all though we ended up doing more than just sitting on our duffs eating cheese curls all summer.
ahem ahem.
Danny was a door to door salesmen for all of May-June until he couldn't take it anymore and quit.
We house hunted insanely and put our house on THE MARKET which meant we had to do some much needed maintenance.
We attended 3 weddings for some close friends. Addie was the flower girl in Danny's friends wedding and I was a bridesmaid in my best friend (Amy) from high school's wedding.
We went swimming,at the pool and at Danny's dads.
We went to a family reunion (can you say braunschweiger?)
We had numerous family birthdays, get-togethers, and such.
We did the Zoo and the Darke County Fair. Woweee. Now here are some pics from our Summer of doing NOTHING!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

One thing on my mind. When ordering fast food do you ever freeze in front of the drive through window? This has been a lifelong problem for me. It's even worse if someone else is driving. They ask me..."Okay what do you want?" and I ask them, "Well what are you getting?" They look at me like I've lost my mind and tell me. I then have to contemplate longer about my personal choice. Usually this results in the driver telling me to please hurry or in my husbands case he leans forward and makes me yell my order into the microphone. In the mean time the order taker person is sighing and saying "Are you ready?" The other problem I have is fast food jargon. I hate saying what I, "I WANT the double bacon cheese burger." or " I want a Mc Chicken sandwich." Just saying it bothers me.
Last night I had an immediate need for a frozen slushie thingy. I was driving home at about 9:45 p.m. and I went through the drive through of Burger King which I really should not even have considered considering how irritating all their commercials are lately. Anyways I knew they had slushies so I get to the window and I see a picture of a glorious purple slushie emblazoned on their billboard. Oooh. That's it. But underneath the picture it had about twelve different slushie descriptions none of which I recognized. I was like...oh crud. Then the lady says..."Can I take your order?" I totally freeze. I can't even remember what those slushie things are called. Is it a slush puppie? An icee, a freeze? I'm panicked. Suddenly I feel inspired. "I would like a slushie" uhoh what is the flavor of that purple one.....I pause then continue "that is purple." The lady seems slightly troubled but tells me to come to the first window to pay. She hands me the purple slushie and all is well. I will add it was very yummy.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Goin Bloggin

I have fought the blogging world toenail and tooth and yet it has still sucked me in. I will tell you that it is thanks to my sister, Rachel, who has led me down this tunnel. But I figure I am sitting up here on this computer at night with nothing to do but try to get my baby to go to sleep. So I should do something productive not just research various inane topics, like the other night I was up till midnight reading about little people. Really you should never call them midgets its very offensive. Dwarfs is also acceptable. There are 200 different kinds of dwarfs. I used to be afraid of dwarfs. Once when my brother was about 4 we were walking around the Drs. office and right around the corner came a dwarf who was the same height as he was. He looked so terrified.
I live in Dayton Ohio. I'm married with 2 little girls. My husband is a teacher and I teach piano on occasion. We have ended up in Dayton for way too long and are trying to sell our house. Dayton is our ninevah. We came here innocently enough, 2 innocent babes from rural farmland Ohio. I convinced him to rent an apt. on the East side telling my husband that it was so cheap we would be able to save loads of money. So of course we were inducted into the life of luxury. I'll just say...A. roaches B. the rent a center truck bringeth the truck taketh away (not to us i'll add)C. people who love eachother tend to beat eachother (no not us)
We didn't give up on this town though. Ahh the Gem City. Okay who thought up the Gem City for Dayton?? I want them to explain themselves please. We just couldn't seem to escape. We moved to another duplex and then bought our first house in Dayton.
We have gone to Church downtown in a tiny little office building converted into a church. I want to leave, I want a neighborhood where there isn't stolen vehicles being parked in front of your house. I want a place where people don't drive through one side of your brand new white picket fence and out the other side. Where people get into domestic disputes on your front porch and dudes try to lift your windows at night. The cop at our neighborhood watch meeting told us to shoot anything that moves. ooooh Dayton. So now I'm goin' Bloggin'. Steph (goin' cloggin').