Saturday, May 30, 2009

a quickie

a quickie post before my students get's saturday. joy of joys.

the cvs lady seriously has it OUT FOR ME!!

I frequent (love that word) the CVS on the corner about once a week because it's really close to my house so I'll get the random stuff I haven't bought a pound of gummy worms or a gallon of milk or whatever.

The check out lady is this 60 ish gray bobbed lady who wouldn't smile even if someone was tickling her armpits I'm sure.

but she is out to get me...

One day I went to check out and she would not come to the counter even though the whole CVS was empty and she stood about 5 feet away from me organizing the grocery cart full of sale candy. So I stood there just staring at her for like 5 WHOLE minutes before she felt the need to come check me out and this was after I like....coughed and walked past her a couple of times.

I just thought maybe she didn't really see me. So the next time I went in...I did the same thing. I waited at the counter while she looked at me out of the corner of her eye while she finished like organizing the gum rack.

then I asked for stamps and she was like ..."Okay." So I bought my stuff and went out and looked for my stamps and she never even gave them to me.

So then I had to run back in and tell her she forgot my stamps and she totally squinted her eyes at me like I was telling a lie and asked to see my receipt.

Two days ago I walked into CVS. I give her the eyeball(not literally) as I buy 3 packs of gummies and I once again need stamps. (why don't I just start paying my bills online like every other person on the planet?) She rings me up. Then I swipe my card and I'm like..."Wow stamps have really gotten expensive." Because my bill was like $19. And she was like...Oooh Maybe. Then I looked at my receipt and it had a People Magazine on it for like 4 dollars. I ran back to the counter once again and I said.....I didn't buy a magazine! And there she was holding a people magazine and reading it!

That lady totally tried to make me buy her magazine. She didn't even look ashamed she was just like....Whoops. And then she had to re enter everything.

. But I kind of want to go back just to see what she's going to do next..hmmm

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I fell off my tuesday streak...

happy 2nd birthday lilia.....

I've fallen off the boat writing on my blog on tuesdays.
We had a good time celebratin' and I had a really funny picture of all the MEAT at this picnic that was enough to make your stomach turn. This was the picnic of all meat lovers picnics. Oh and here is a picture of Addie with our first salad of the year from our garden.
I still don't believe Nathan terry did the macarena on the inner tube. Hmmm...maybe next time i will be able to witness that feat.

Mark my words Lilia and Eva will be best friends for liFE! they are so cute together I can just see them being old women together rocking in rocking chairs.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

the sky is so blue it looks purple almost.....what would that color be called?

Tuesday is my new update the blog day.

I feel like I just don't totally mesh with adulthood. It's like the two of and being an adult are awkward together and we just have to live uncomfortably together for eternity.

not that I'm wanting to move to my parents basement, or start clubbing, or start a garage band or something. I just always feel like a kid walking around in large adult size shoes.

and I have the habit of sticking my FOOT in my mouth because I speak before the brain turns on. SO I was helping a friend check out a free piano her neighbor was giving away.

Now this was in an empty house and It looked like a realtor was there so I didn't know this piano had sentimental value to anyone. So I looked it over and played up and down it and said....Well it's about a hundred years old and the sound board is kinda cracking but you have nothing to lose. And if you play it for ten years you can always have a sacrificial burning in the backyard when you can afford to buy a new one.

at that the lady gasped and was like..."Oh please please don't. this was my aunt's piano and she just went into a nursing home and she loved this piano. I just want someone to love this piano."

whoops. I felt bad....."Just kidding of course....oh no. I've definetely seen way worse pianos...I've had way worse pianos..and this one well....she's a beauty. A really beauty." As I scooted out the door.

hopefully they still give her the piano.

then I had to go sign papers to refinance the house.

we stopped by the library and Addie realizing we've read every single "Froggy" book and every single "Junie B. Jones" book. So now we're looking for a new series.....

something funny was Eva praying over lunch today. She has been independently saying prayers ALL THE TIME. It is so cute...she always has her eyes open and she looks at whatever she is praying about. So she was like...."Please bless the noonoos (noodles) Please bless Addie's Noonoos (noodles) Please bless the water, please bless Addies water, Please bless the (staring at the peaches) I no know....Please bless Addie's (staring at the peaches) I no know.

Those were the highlights of this May day.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"that we all have greater powers than we think; that whatever we want to learn or learn to do, we probably can learn; that our lives and our possibilities are not determined and fixed by what happened to us when we were little, or by what experts say we can or cannot do.” - John Holt

He was one of the first modern day proponents of homeschooling and wrote a series of books that are inspiring. He wrote this referring to his learning to play the cello at age 50....i thought it was cool.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


why do I have an obsession with intentionally spelling things wrong? It has been with me as long as I can remember and I just can't seem to shake that habit. it's 11:15 p.m. so sisters...i DO stay up past 9:30 unlike what you guys believe. I'm sitting alone in the school room...silently....

Today was a long and good day. I got up to Addie and Eva telling me to "GET UP!!!" I always wonder about moms that have the discipline to set an alarm for some crazy time to excercise. I sleep until I have people shoving me out of bed.

we did Addie's school really early and ate breakfast while we did her lessons and finished up in time for me to teach a piano lesson to an adult student who has become a really good friend. we always end up laughing hysterically because she won't start the song...she just keeps apologizing for how bad it is and then right when she's about to play...she says "I'm really sorry." This continues usually for like an hour past our lesson time because we get on strange subjects and books we've read and whatever.

Addie and Eva played together well for most of the day with only a couple Dr. visits. (pretend world dr. visits) We chased bee's outside with a flyswatter to keep them away from the swingset...they are those wood burrowing bees and they are SO not eating my swingset!

We found a tiny little birds nest in our bush and it used a trash bag to build it's birds nest. reduce reuse recycle with me...come on now! Seriously that slogan, "reduce reuse recycle" makes me want to hurl my honey nut cheerios. can't go there!

we stayed outside and soaked up this lovely day and planted a bunch of flowers. I felt like ONE with the Earth!! especially as I viciously killed the earth with a horrible chemical weed killer that I sprayed on all of the poison ivy along the back fence. Then we found a large dead mouse chilly caught. Then I was trying to kill bees. so although we were bringing things to beautiful life...we were also witnessing horror and death. all in one delightful evening.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

are toddler geniuses real?

I just watched a documentary thingy about how this family had their 1 year old painting abstract art...and then by the age of 4 the kid was selling a load of paintings, and everyone was going crazy over it. But then it came out that really her dad who was like a wannabe artist was helping her do all of them.
Then everyone was angry and she went totally milli va nilli and never sold another painting.

Then earlier in the week I saw this thing about how in England this little 2 year old kid joined mensa because they determined she's a genius because she knows all these countries and capitals and what not.
There also was a 2 year old who could read words off of a flashcard and her parents were like..."SHE's a GENIUS!!!" and acting really crazy every time she read a word off a flash card. And they kept saying how they show the flashcards to her all day so she will remember them. She was like sitting in her high chair, and they were showing her a flash card, she was laying down, and they were like..."Now what does this say?" She looked like she was going to punch one of them.

I just wonder if a child genius is more about the information that you present to a child and train them to respond to, then the kid just popping out nuggets of genius wisdom spontaneously. I mean, if you think about it under 5 year olds are memorizing a humongous amount of information just from daily life. Just learning how to speak requires a large amount of memorization. Most people just don't worry about teaching their toddler to memorize what the word "Hippopotamus" looks like on a flash card. Or memorizing the capital of Sri Lanka.

It's like when Addie was about 3 she always wanted me to sing this song I learned in 5th grade about the fifty nifty united states. I think I sang it to her in the car one day when she was grumpy. After a couple of weeks of her requesting me to sing that lovely tune(rolling eyes) she would sing the song, which is the fifty states in alphabetical order. So I would brag to all the grandma's...Addie knows all fifty states in alphabetical order...and then she would proudly belt out "fifty nifty". So I probably could have like had people pay admission to come meet the child genius right?

so the message of my post is: child geniuses usually have crazy parents that are trying to get rich!

at least that makes me feel better.