Sunday, December 9, 2007

In Hiding

Hey everyone,

SO this month has been crazy for us. We decided to rent our house out, and found renters fast. We closed on our house in one frantic week, the same week we were packing up and trying to get out so our renters could get in. I had only like one or two moments of mental breakdown.

We are now in hiding at my parents house.

I feel like we are in hiding because no one has been able to call us because our cell phone only works some of the time, and our home phone is obsolete.

Danny has been working frantically on our new house.

Our new house could be put in a magazine as a monument to the 60's.

Wood paneling, pink and blue toilets and sinks, gold flecked counters. It's great.

Since he has been so busy with it we haven't really seen much of him since we moved.

So today I'm in hiding to the extreme. It's Sunday and he's not working on it today.

I just locked myself into my old bedroom and am hiding from my children because they have been latched to me like 2 growths (cute growths) coming out of the side of my body. They have been sick a bit, and there's been alot of uprooting and such, but I felt like they were literally draining my life force out of me and soon I was just going to be a puddle of mommy mud with a little flag stuck in it that says "Mommy".

That made me think about how we never had door locks on our doors in our old house.

We absolutely definately need locks on our doors. I'll put that on the list for Danny. For your own viewing enjoyment try....

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Stephanie and Aaron said...

I finally checked your blog and read this tonight! it made me laugh because I can totally relate to the whole melting into a puddle of mush thing. I think your house is an homage to its era and should be kept just as it is. I don't know what all the work your doing is for. haha How come you aren't posting pics of the whole process, woman?