Tuesday, June 23, 2009

viruses and ect.

our computer has been virused by something. It's a big pain because it keeps opening up stuff I don't want opened..and shutting down,,,and the kids want to watch tv on it and they can't because it always has obnoxious pop ups.

and now Addie also has a virus but a real one that is making her feel horrible. Poor girl!

we have watched Enchanted every SINGLE DAY since the start of June. At first I thought it was cute and a little funny. Then I thought it was actually very good acting....NOW I stare at that movie as if it holds the secrets to the universe....when I hear the daily...."HOW DO I KNOOOOOW IF HE LOVES ME?" I ask myself that question. Then I get my answer...he will sing a song with words meant just for me...YES THATs HOW I WILL KNOW!!!!

It is a marvel that movie....and for some reason Addie and Eva are convinced the guy she ends up with is really her dad. I'm like..."Well they're in love right?" NO ITS HER DAD!!! Well.....then why doesn't she go off and marry the prince? BECAUSE SHE WANTS TO BE WITH HER DAD!
which is actually quite sweet that they think the whole movie is about her dad and her finding eachother..and a little confusing. I think I need to hide that dvd.


Katrina said...

hahah!! I swear, the guy looks way too old, and could probably be her dad. I'm totally with Addie and Eva on that one. That is too hilarious.

Chapman Channel said...

That is so hilarious...I have wondered about that movie too...I can totally see how they think that!

Rachel H said...

hahahaha. That is awesome.