Wednesday, October 21, 2009

blackmail pictures posted

OF course I'd post a non scary picture of MUA what do you expect?
BUILD A BEAR ....the joyous place where you can buy your teddy bear clothes that cost more than what you pay for actual human clothes ...

black mail picture # 1.

Rach, you kinda look like you're casting a spell on someone.

cute eva picture break

blackmail picture # 2

this was part of our joint October birthday camera stinks :(

and last but not least blackmail picture # 3

and finally a neutral non offensive picture of Eva's baby maple lost its red leaves and looks a little puny but I have to include a fall esque picture right? right? there ya go!


Rachel H said...

Hahahahahhaa! I look really evil in the first picture. Maybe more people will be afraid of me now. Thanks Mille. I appreciate you helping me keep up my "drill seargant" image.

Chapman Channel said...

Am I eating cake or slurping soup?...or kissing the spoon...hahahahaha--I love this!

Amelia said...

I think your lips are traveling to the icecream. Now I'm afraid of what horrible pictures people will be able to easily find of me....I'm not the most photogenic right now! It's called too F.A.T.