Tuesday, June 15, 2010

we're living in brazil

thats what danny and I keep repeating over and over to eachother. Now neither of us have actually BEEN to Brazil...or even south America. BUT in our view of the planet...Brazil must have weather just like we are having. No where else...Just Brazil.
Now we live nowhere near Brazil...just in the midwestern world of Ohio where people purchase Cincinatti reds onsies for your baby boy.
Harvey is just your everyday midwestern man.
And Eva is your average midwestern yogurt in the yard eating summertime 3 year old.
and Chilly is your average midwestern rat terrier.....Anyone want a dog?


Chapman Channel said...

hehehe...I'm wonderin' why there's no takers for Chillydog with that adorable pic...

Amelia said...

take her!!! just kidding the girls would kill me. did dude die?