Friday, July 9, 2010

boys vs girls

I'm spending time with my little nephews tonight along with the girls and Harvey.

When I gave birth to a girl A GIRL!!! The thought of having a little boy was so foreign to me. I pitied all the poor mothers who gave birth to boys first because having a girl was the biggest treat in the world. Like a humongous icecream sundae with loads of whipped cream, and a huge cherry on top. covered in gummy bears. With three flavors of icecream. and hot fudge.(can you tell I still haven't been eating sugar?) That was having my Addie.

Then I had my second girl and I felt the exact same way!

And then I found out (number three) was a boy. Danny yelled an outloud "YES!!!" and I smiled kind of but I was afraid. Boys. Legos. Cars. Dump trucks. footballs. buzz cuts. Mullets. For some reason really bad boy haircuts kept popping in my mind. Attention deficit disorder..hyper.

biased ya think.

I was still a little afraid all the way till I saw Harvey. Upon viewing my 12 pound chubby ,squinty eyed grunting boy my heart leaped and all I could think was "A BOY!!!! I'm the luckiest woman in the world. " and that was like getting a HUMONGOUS mango ritas frozen custard. So now I pity all the poor unfortunate mothers who had girls and can't put a bow tie on their tiny little bald baby man.


Anonymous said...

I hope Harv grows up to look like Yanni in his glory days... look him up, his album is ultimate Yanni. Bald now, but YANNIZIED in a few years. Talking about mullets, didn't Nat have one all the way (double rainbow-all the way) until she was four or something... I think she still has one.

Amelia said...

hahahah. I have no name to this comment but it sounds like Sofia. I would love to see Harv with a flowing curly mullet. I think I might go find a wig just to see it right now.