Saturday, September 18, 2010


Having an under 1 year old child makes for some awesome sleep. Actually I think having an under 100 year old child probably makes for awesome sleep. But I'm sure that first year is the orientation to bad sleep every parent has to when their child is 16 and missing at 2 :00 a.m. you are primed and ready to jump out of bed and call everyone on the planet to find out where they are. So with nothing else to do but make eyes at Harv at 6:00 a.m. I decided to come on here and check on the blogging world. Which is a small world since most everyone I know that used to blog quit when facebook started up.
So I've been tired for at least 2 days....I think I'm grinding my teeth at night. I keep waking up with a weird pain in my jaw and it's on both sides so I don't think I have a toothache.
Yesterday once about 4:00 hit I was SOOOOOO tired. Danny has been gone from pretty much sun up till 11 at night. So I'm flying solo on all the chores around the house and manning the 3 youngsters. Mom has been coming over and saving me. Yesterday she bought me dog food which was a whole trip to the store I didn't want to do. Also she brought all her apple tree apples and made me an apple crisp in my kitchen while I laid on the couch with Eva and zoned out/slept. It turned out really good and got me through the evening. So now another day begins and the two girls are up and out of bed.

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Anonymous said...

Please never stop blogging.. It will be a wonderful journal someday for your kids.. I love that pic.. !! love you.. mom