Sunday, March 13, 2011

what happened at the mall should stay at the mall

what happened at the mall was Harvey and all the cousins and his sisters were all playing on one of those mat play areas. Also known as e coli and germ central. Harvey being a new crawler and cruiser was enjoying surfing around the playland things. Which involved alot of mouth on mat action. But me being the proud mother of a newly exploring 11 month old thought it was no big deal. Also because he is always either licking or sucking things that shouldn't be sucked on. Like the metal aisle divider thing that is at the library. On the floor sucking on it.
He also enjoys licking the windows whenever he happens to be near one. I can relate being a slightly orally fixated person. I always liked putting my tongue on strange things like the fly swatter and then feeling the other side to feel how bumpy my tongue felt through the little mesh holes. then someone would point out what fly swatters were for and yeah gross.

so that inocuous visit to the mall ended up with my little guy blowing biscuits for a good 5 days.
And a trip to the E.R. because he seemed dehydrated with everything coming out both ends as "they" say. I think it was something called the rota virus. Which they have a vaccine for but I opted not to get it because the old rotavirus vaccine made kids intestines prolapse or something like that and I figured they should have more time checking this one out before I use my kids as guinea pigs.

just as Harvey started to recover I saw Eva sleeping on the couch. My mommy radar started going off and when Eva woke up I asked her "Are you feeling ok?" All she could get out was a "NO!" then puke. that went on for the next 5 days.

So now Eva has finally gone about 36 hours with no puke and oh my gosh. I feel like I just won the lottery.


Katie said...

Around these parts, we call that the "Roto Rooter" virus because it completely clears the pipes! Definitely one of the less pleasant childhood illnesses. But I'm with you, I'd rather go through a few days of the nasties than put something in my babies that may or may not be safe. I'm glad everyone is feeling better.

Amelia said...

oooh roto rooter. I like it. very descriptive. Well you have 2 more children that could possibly start puking so you get 5 stars in my book.