Thursday, April 19, 2012

my birthday bubbies

 ya I know I stink at on to more important matters Eva turned 5.  and if you can figure out what she's hugging down there that is her mermaid pinata I made her.  I love that cookie john.  
 and after Eva had a birthday Harvey had a birthday April 4th and turned two.  he came up with that combo himself, the skeleton shirt with backwards hat.  he  is either dressed in a long t shirt with bracelets on his wrists or as a a thug.
 my baby boyboy is two. waaaaaahh. commence crying and sobbing about how time has flown and he has grown up way too fast.  but he's still a baby ya know?  he's actually nursing right now as I type this and he smells pretty ripe so if he is still nursing and im changing his diapers he is totally still my baby.
 this spring has been really warm and we've had lots of fun outside, we are trying to hatch 3 eggs upstairs, we plowed up a big square for a garden, I have flower seeds in the ground, and I've been running outside for about 2 months. (I ran 4 miles straight~~~) Its been blissful.  I love my addie...I especially love her big adult teeth.  they are so cute.
 I'm gonna be an aunt x 9!!!!  that is my baby sister Nat who is going to pop out a baby in ONE month.  I'm so excited for her.  i wish I could be there, but I don't think I can get to Utah.  sigh.
 okay those eyes melt my heart.  I love my bubbies, I love my hubby, i feel happy, healthy and my kids are doing good, and Danny is getting bigger muscles (hahahha) and I have very few complaints.  hmmm. let me come up with one......just to make ya'll feel like I'm not perfect with a perfect life.  oooh. cloth diapers.  Try washing 2 year old poopy cloth diapers.  FUN!!!  bye blogosphere!