Thursday, February 21, 2008


Hey sisters/friends
I always hated crafts as a child. If someone got out glue and scizzors at school I always groaned and felt so annoyed that I was going to be "forced" to make a preplanned owl, or weird looking parrot or whatever. I prided myself in not being crafty, I was artsy which was totally different and much superior. I continued this tradition through my school years. As "artsy" as I was I was definately not CRAFTY. I never took home ec because cooking/crafting weird quilted backpacks was totally not my thing. My senior year I took a class called child development or something because I had a free period. We had to take care of a "baby think it over" which is essentially a really ugly baby doll that cries a ton and you have to turn a key to get it to stop crying. Unfortunately you have to turn the key for like an hour. A little computer inside the baby records what you are doing, wether you are neglecting it, abusing it, feeding it, banging it against a cement wall. Anyways, I swear I did not abuse the "baby think it over" but somehow I got a 50% on that assignment. And I still believe I got a 50% because everyone CLAIMED I hung it from a tree or something horrible. NOT TRUE! anyways,
Now only less than ten years later I am a functioning non abusive mother of two children.
I'm really truly not crafty like my sisters are. But I will add I learned how to use a sewing maching from Danny (who did take home ec) and I sewed Addie a scripture case. Quilted ( I bow my head in shame) and I have been knitting/crocheting since my freshmen year of college.
I guess I've realized how being artsy/crafty can actually intersect and wether I'm painting some funky painting, or knitting a crazy hat I'm still creating something. And usually I feel good about it while I'm making it even if it does make me laugh at myself and think "IF only my 15 year old self could see me now!"

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Rachel H said...

Haha! That is really funny Amel.
I totally agree about being crafty- back in YW's I used to despise anything "crafty" that we did- I was totally predjudiced about "Crafts" versus "Art"- I saw them as inferior vs. SUPERIOR. But low and behold, with age we see that CRAFT and ART are nearly one and the same! Amazing, eh?