Friday, September 5, 2008

I've been blogging alot lately!

Come fall come

heat is sick

Like sticky, wet, warm.

That makes me want to submerge

my head in ice.

Ohio is clammy.

I gave a sermon on the wonders of saving money and budgeting to the Piqua ward ladies last night. I felt self conscious. I just need to take another public speaking 101 course where all the sophomore boys stare disdainfully at whoever is forced to stand at the pulpit and preach about why the pop machine needs juice in it.

Danny's ferrari (sunfire) needs 1000 worth of work. Who says we trash it? He wants a Toyota Yaris. It's like the tiniest Toyota model out there. Danny and small cars go together. That would totally bust the budget though.

I finished the hat for my friend's baby boy.


first lady said...

The Hat is supa cute.... We heard that it was nasty, in the 90's .... sorry to hear that it is an armpit out there. the high out here today is 59. Oh fall and winter has come to laramie wyoming. I understand about the car too that was where we were at too... good luck on that decision :)


Stephanie and Aaron said...

OH my word--I wish Everett's head wasn't so huge--that hat is adorable!!!

first lady said...

WHERE IS my amelia at? u stopped blogging!!! Did u survive the winds of the hurricane? and no power chaos ?