Monday, September 22, 2008

You are the wind destroying my wings

YES we lived through the Ohio hurricane or whatever it was. While most people were hunkering down in their basements Addie and I were out in the backyard marveling at how flat the tree's were lying down when the wind blew and how it sounded like a plane was landing on the house. Let's just say I didn't know that it was really "that bad".

I made Danny drive in the midst of the winds with us up to my ma and pa's house. We saw trees through roofs and the road was closed but I was determined because I was hungry and my dad made us dinner.

We had no POWA for 4 days and that was okay because friends kept giving us food and my mom took us out to dinner multiple times. So I think I gained 10 lbs during the power outtage.

To commemorate all the fallen trees (not really, we just needed new trees in our front yard) Friday night we planted a maple tree for Addie and Eva. Addie was very excited and made a rock border around one of them. (see above) and Eva was generally frustrated and angry she couldn't run around bare naked with nothing on but tap dancing shoes. Then she fell asleep.


The Cochran Family said...

You are the wind beneath my wings...I get it...took me a minute, but the "other"blonde got it! :) You are so funny! I love how you put a positive spin on the yummy food is always a positive, isn't it! :)

first lady said...

YAH!!! U are alive. I am glad to hear it. And planting a tree :) so cool. We went pulling weeds last week up at the church, not soo cool. but it was fun being together as a family :)