Thursday, March 12, 2009

chubby legs and red toes

Today during kindergarten for Addie we were talking about South America. I really didn't know much about South America so I was reading it word for word off the page.
I learned some sweet info about south america.
a)they have a grass land called a pampa or something and we said it was like a pa pa like grandpa.

b)pampas have Gauchos who are like South American cowboys and I was like....GAUCHOS!!! Those must be called that because of their pants. but their pants don't look like gauchos so I don't get it. Addie said it was because of their hats ?

C) Then we looked a picture of an ALpaca and I was like thinking...I want an ALPACA!!! They have really super soft fluffy fur that you can spin into yarn and make things out of. why don't we have those up here? and it made us laugh a little because the picture of the alpaca had a look on it's face like "I could care less".

also last night as I was laying next to Eva as she fell asleep she propped her little bare legs on me and crossed her feet and her toes were painted red. I just wished I could've frozen that image forever. yummmy

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