Sunday, March 29, 2009

we're looking for a new swing set

We ran all around town looking at swingsets. Our young'ns are confined to the plastic cube little tikes swing set in our backyard and the slide is about 18 inches long. I'm thinking it's time to upgrade if at all possible.

And we are looking for something that is
not too expensive
not metal
not too junky
and yet still cheap.

can all our dreams come true?

yesssssss....soo here she is..

just kidding!!! I dont' even have a clue how much this one is but probably close to the value of our house soooo moving on to the more affordable option of

The Walmart one...only $399 baby!

but i read a bunch of reviews and alot of people say it's kind of flimsy and cheap.
so I don't know. We just need to hunt down one on craigs list like Rachel. BUT listen.....if not I think danny is going to try to build one himself. That's the plan. We went to Lowe's and priced it out and he thinks he can build an okay one for alot less and with decent wood.

we'll see what happens because he has spring break all booked up already.

This is a message for you danny boy: do not forget that on spring break you HAVE TO

1. Finish painting our kitchen cabinets and new hardware

2. paint our fence at our other house

3. then build a swingset.

all in one week.

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Rachel H said...

Yeah!! Get to work Danny boy! Haha! I would just keep checking the craig's list ....if that doesn't pan out!