Friday, July 10, 2009

the foolish man built his house upon the sand.....

This months been a woozy doozy! I've been flat drunk for weeks......on summer loooooove baby.

Why do refeerences to alcohol just make me laugh....never having had a single sip my whole life i think I have a fascination with the weirdness of being drunk. I also have had the life long knack of acting drunk with no alcohol entering my system. Once 10:30 hits I'm as tipsy as if I was tossing back a tequila.......I guess I have had alcohol if you count Nyquil....or my dad's stash of "near beer" that has like .01 percent alcohol. That stuff is just NASTY! whoever invented that must have been a convert to the church because you have to have a serious hankering for some certain flavor to let that enter your body.

alcohol was not even what I was going to blog about.

I was on facebook and I saw a bunch of pictures of Newton...........Newton or Newtin as it's pronounced in these parts is where I went to school from K-12. One building. I never left that same building for any grade. It's not a private school just a small farm community that could support one small school. My class had about 35-40 people in it. By the time I graduated there were only about 7 male class members attending school at the building.

anyways the building is getting tore down this year. I believe soon I need to ask Nathan. I'm kinda sad about just feels like a childhood home getting tore down. There are communities that seem to value their old buildings, renovate them, make them beautiful again......people do it with homes. In many older cities the old renovated schools are the center of the city and something they enjoy caring for. but oh well...I'm not going to chain myself to the front of the building while the wrecking ball is swinging down or become some terrorist and stalk the p.hill politicians.

so in dedicatory rememberance I would like my kids to see where I went to school. take a couple pictures. And say goodbye to where I spent 16,380 hours of my growing years. and maybe I'll write more about my memories someday. But I don't know where to start. And I can't do it now while I've got Eva in my lap napping and the large to do list of today ahead of us.......but maybe someday I will.


Chapman Channel said...

You have spoken my thoughts is sad--why is it that some people have no feelings of nostalgia or historical value when it comes to buildings--especially schools? I'm sure they'll end up moving all the classes into double-wides eventually for various reasons--has anyone in this world noticed how many schools use double-wide trailors as a normal solution for extra classroom space????

Amy Stratton-Duling said...

dont get me devastated. we have so many strange memories from that building....lets go back and get pictures together before they brutally rip it down

Amelia said...

Yes!!! Lets go find our seventh grade lockers and pose next to them. I know...the thought of like it being demolished is almost creepy. The administration will probably proudly start sending everyone to "state of the art" modern trailers until the building is built.

Anonymous said...

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