Thursday, July 23, 2009

dannys dad

died in a car accident last night. He was known to our kids as Grandpa Jack. Today Danny is going to try help make all the arrangements with his brother and his dad's wife, Vicki. We'll miss him alot. He was a farmer and a retired factory worker. He ran out mega-dairies, helped his neighbors, cleaned the local church, mowed a bunch of peoples yards, attended a one room school house in darke county as a child, and lived on the same property he was born on.

On fathers day he proudly showed us his new flat screen T.V. and he just bought himself a brand new car.He was the kind of person that never sits down. He always had chores going on and he came from the mindset of use everything until it literally falls apart, and then just duct tape it back together. On fathers day he was out in his straw hat that was duct taped on the top...and I said..."Danny get your dad a new hat PLEASE!!!" But he loved that hat and I think he probably had a bunch of new ones hidden away somewhere but the duct taped one felt the best.

Danny is doing's weird having someone close to us die suddenly. I've never really experienced it before. We do have confidence that his spirit is eternal, that he is in a different place and that it is part of our eternal plan to take this step. It has brought Danny alot of peace and comfort.


Chapman Channel said...

I am so sad for your family...he was obviously a great man by the way Danny turned out!!

Rachel H said...

Ditto to what steph said! He looks like such a kind hearted person and I know that Danny had to have gotten a lot of his wonderful personality and characteristics from him. You guys are in all of our prayers still and we love you!