Wednesday, August 26, 2009

20 things that make me sick

1. tomatoes (WHY??? I love's tomato season.....yet I can't even handle making eye contact with one of those guys)

2. bananas (strange)

3. anything fried (for the best)

4. cheese (BAAAAAAAAD)

5. milk (even on cereal....)

6. lettuce

7. cereal except fruit loops

8. noodles

9. sauce

10. butter or bread

11. cucumbers (I had a grand idea to make cold cucumber soup a couple of weeks ago.....unfortunately it all got poured down the garbage disposal....just the thought now doesn't make me feel calm)

12. onions

13. salsa

14. dog food (the smell...although when I was pregnant with addie I was falling asleep while the t.v. was on and I saw a commercial for what looked like some very gravyful beef and I said..."Danny that looks so good!" it was a dog food commercial!!!

15. juice

16. chocolate (how could my body go this wrong???)

17. ramen noodles (for the best right?)

18. anything with meat (excluding chicken pot pie...I ate that last night and for some reason wasn't bothered)

19. peanut butter

20. any food that emits any kind of odor

so for the list of foods that don't currently make me sick..........

1. yogurt

2. peaches

3. chicken pot pie


Amy Stratton-Duling said...

oh dear...that sounds most terrible! i love how every time you have a baby in you, you turn into a nearly bulimic woman. booo....tuesday came and went and i just realized TODAY that we were supposed to see eachother....bah! How about next week?

Amelia said...

Yes call me! I realized it was right around you and Nate's illustrious anniversary and thought you better stare into eachothers eyes all evening. I'll call you

Rachel H said... poor poor thing! Hopefully if you continue on your diet of all water and vitamins you will end up skinnier at 9mo prego than you ever thought you could be!!! Whoo hooo!!!

Amelia said...

I'll be like all bones with a huge belly..........disgusting!