Saturday, August 15, 2009

Addie's journal

Addie started writing in a journal and she will sit in the corner of the couch penning her thoughts and eyeballing me over the top of her journal. I of course was curious what was in the journal.....
and now I'm publishing it for all to see!

I am 5 mi name is Addie.

I lake mashrooms.

I love Eva and i love mommy and i love daddy.

dogs and cats are my fafrit animols.

my vacashin was fun.

we whent to the stor and I got new shos and eva got sadals.

I wont to go to the dentist. I'm going to the detist this munth.

eva is my sister we play.

me and lena play we have fun.

at chrismas i want a camra and i want a fone.


Katrina said...

Awww! That's so cute!! She is really getting her spelling down! That is awesome!!!! You must be one SWEET teacher.

Anonymous said...

I sent this to several teachers at work. Some are planning to use it on the first day to show how well a 5 year old can write and perhaps set some expectations for their students.