Friday, November 6, 2009

our night

Let me get one thing clear...and open to the public.

My children nurse way past what most normal children do.

I didn't set out to be a boob nazi or a la leche leaguer or any kind of activist.

Actually I thought in my brain when I had Addie....I bet when they start to get teeth they don't need to nurse. Teeth=chewing food.

right? right?


I didn't set out to sleep with my kids.....I had a little crib set up, with handmade bedding.....and I never once used it. Never once!

I feel like a freak of nature a bit. All these little babes in the world soundly sleeping in cribs and I have mine nursing practically allnight.

And I'm not bothered by that. I think it's the lazy person in me. I avoid conflict, and once Addie and Eva were born I realized they would scream bloody murder every time I tried to make them sleep alone or limit the nursing thing. So I became a peacemaker and said..."What the's alot easier just to let her act like an ape ..she's happy, I'm happy...peace!"

so Addie nursed a LOOOOOOOONG time. Long enough to have a negotion for the whole process to be resolved peacefully. I'll leave that at that.

Eva is still nursing. And I'm not really bothered. Pregnancy does chemically change things a bit but overall I'm okay. she just does it occassionally. Until lately...until the past couple nights. When she feels desperately hungry at the wee hours of the morning.

Lately, she wakes up at 3 a.m. wants to nurse, until I ask her if she's hungry, then she nods her head. And she says...."I WANT CEREAL AND MILK!" So I go get the girl food. Then she feels perky and wants to read stories, and I say "No no no I'm really tired." Then she wants to turn on the lights. Then she starts talking alot how she wants me to do "cacka" which is some german thing my grandparents and parents did to our a little game. Then she wants me to do "This little piggy" on all 20 of her toes and fingers. Then she wants me to walk my fingers up her back and act like my fingers are little people walking to the pet store to buy a puppy. This was a game I invented once when I really really wanted her to lay down and relax.

So, me, pregnant and all, am very relieved when after this whole charade, she rolls over, and falls asleep. And if she nurses a little bit at that point...I don't even care.

And this all should end very soon...especially at night...because in April we will be having a baby boy! I can't have 2 of them at me at night that's for sure.

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Chapman Channel said...

oh man, this made me laugh so hard--and I can soooo relate! haha...I'm so excited for you to have a little boy!!! YAY for boys!